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Nature Discovery Park at K11 Musea

Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Nature Discovery Park is Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park. Showcasing Hong Kong’s ecological importance and global value, it plays host to a variety of rare tropical and native plants, an aquarium, and naturally attracted butterflies.



Nature Discovery Park promotes a more sustainable urban lifestyle. It champions farm-to-table dining, vertical farming, and plastic reduction, all the while supporting local social enterprises and environmental conservation. Part of the bigger K11 Musea regeneration project (dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of Culture’), it’s the final piece of a 10-year regeneration of the Victoria Dockside in Hong Kong. Inspired by the vision of Adrian Cheng, it was designed as a space to incubate creative talents and propagate culture, art, architecture, design, and sustainability. The Head of Sustainability behind the project is none other than our very own Green Warrior, Ellie Tang.



In addition to being a cultural, retail destination, its over-arching philosophy urges visitors to “reconnect with what matters” through a series of eco-activities like urban farming and green beauty workshops.



The Nature Discovery Park workshops and events aim to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by the New World Sustainability Vision 2030 (in particular UNSDG 3; health and wellbeing, UNSDG 4; quality education, UNSDG 11; sustainable communities, and UNSDG 17; partnerships). Workshops offered include an urban farming experience, farm-to-face beauty product making, mindful meditation, and more. It also works with sustainability influencers in order to drive positive social and environmental impacts and create shared value.

In addition to K11 MUSEA’s green building certifications (including the Hong Kong BEAM Plus Provisional Assessment Gold Level and the U.S. LEED Gold Level Certification), Nature Discovery Park helps preserve the city’s rich biodiversity and calls for a more sustainable urban lifestyle by promoting farm-to-table and vertical farming and plastic reduction for marine health, as well as supporting local social enterprises and environmental conservation.



WELL FOR YOUR BEING: The variety of workshops on offer at Nature Discovery Park actively promotes personal wellbeing and encourages individuals to learn more about themselves.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Through urban and vertical farming, Nature Discovery Park promotes local, sustainable eating while raising awareness of climate change impacts on long-term food security.


Find out more about Nature Discovery Park here.