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My Pure Earth

Crystal Clear Power To The People Pro Animal Life Protect The Planet

100% pure essential oils sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe.

My Pure Earth works directly with farmers around the globe to source 100% pure, organically produced essential oils. All of their farmers have strong environmental policies, treat their employees with respect and take a lot of pride in producing only the best quality oils. They also offer unique hands-on workshops and source products that are free from chemicals and are ethically produced. Their blog is filled with tips and recipes to inspire you to live a healthier chemical-free lifestyle without harming this beautiful earth of ours. If you’re looking to buy from a company that works hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into everything they do, you’ve found it!

My Pure Earth cares about our environment and the people in it. From zero-waste farms with water conservation programmes, and suppliers who are industry leaders in sustainable packaging and production, you can read all about where the ingredients come from in detail on their website. They do their best to source their products as locally as possible, supporting Singaporean businesses. When they have to source overseas, they always do their due diligence to understand how the harvesting impacts the community and the earth.
My Pure Earth is committed to looking after all creatures big and small. Animal testing is something they are against with none of their products ever touching animals. And it doesn’t stop there, all their products are 100% vegetarian. They use all of their available channels (website, blog and social media etc.) to educate and create awareness of environmental issues.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They only work with sustainably sourced ingredients and suppliers and work on reducing their impact wherever possible
PRO ANIMAL LIFE: Their products are 100% vegetarian and are never tested on animals
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their products are made and sourced ethically from eco and social warriors
CRYSTAL CLEAR: They list detailed information on how their products are made, the farms and suppliers they come from


Marra Hensby spent most of her career working for large multinational companies helping them navigate the crazy world of environmental and social responsibility. When she moved to Singapore in 2012 she decided to take a break from the corporate life and get her Masters in Environmental Management from NUS. This led her to realise the environmental challenges faced in SE Asia, particularly around labeling, that you can label anything as “organic”, “natural” or even “preservative free” without ever having to prove it. And thus her entrepreneurial journey began, firstly running workshops teaching people how to make their own all-natural cleaning and beauty products, and secondly realising that a great number of products we use in our daily lives can be replaced with essential oils or with products that contain essential oils. Thus My Pure Earth was born, a brand that is 100% pure, looks after the environment and the people who work to produce it and provided transparency.

Marra Hensby