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MUD Jeans

Crystal Clear Protect The Planet

Being frontrunners in circular denim


MUD Jeans is a sustainable denim brand based in the Netherlands. It was created by Bert van Son, who aimed to address the harmful processes within the fashion industry by taking one of the most popular pieces of clothing – a pair of jeans – and making it sustainable. As well as selling jeans, the company also offers consumers the chance to ‘rent’ jeans and return them after a year of use.


MUD Jeans’ vision is to create products that are good for the planet and every person that encounters them. Their mission is  to encourage circulation and conscious consumption within the fashion industry and to develop their brand by reaching more stores.


MUD Jeans are sustainable across all areas of their business. As well as saving water (95 percent is recycled through reverse osmosis) and reducing emissions, they also reduce waste through their Lease A Jeans system. This system ensures that every garment is returned to the company and thus gets recycled. Customers can also swap the leased jeans for a new pair after the one-year rental term is complete. The brand also provide free repairs, accept denim from any brand to recycle in exchange for a discount voucher, and sell pre-loved MUD jeans through their Vintage Program. Their jeans have been certified and recognised by many boards and foundations including GOTS, Eco Swan Label, C2C, Peta Vegan, Social & Labor Convergence, and CE 100 by Ellen Mac Arthur.

MUD Jeans also look after their staff, using a Code of Conduct to ensure a safer and healthier working environment for their colleagues – both in and outside of factories. They also have a short supply chain, so they can build long-lasting, quality relationships with their suppliers.


PROTECT THE PLANET: MUD Jeans uses organic and recycled materials (23-40 percent post-consumer recycled denim), is carbon neutral, has low water-usage, employs zero waste practices, is vegan, and offers garment circulation.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: The company openly shares annual information about their use of land and water, and their carbon dioxide emissions. 


Bert van Son founded MUD Jeans in 2013. After working in fashion for 30 years, he realised how dirty and unfair the industry was, both for workers and the environment. He created the company on the belief that you can have fun without destroying the earth and its resources.