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Luxe Botanics

Crystal Clear Power To The People Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Luxury organic skincare you can feel and look good about.


A global reawakening of powerful plant medicine, Luxe Botanics is inspired by the beauty of traditional wisdoms and a belief in nature to nurture. The line focuses on three active botanicals used by Amazonion Indians and African women form eons before us, that enrich skin health like no other, safeguard the environment and improve the lives of people living in rural communities. Dubbed the definitive Mindful Skincare Ritual, the line cares not only about what it presents on stage, but what’s behind the curtain. Every bottle encapsulates a passion for beautiful skin.


Did you know that on average you use 12 products a day containing over 168 undesirable ingredients? This roughly adds up to 2.3 litres per year which is absorbed directly into your largest organ. That’s right people. Your skin. Luxe Botanics is on a mission to help women discover natural and effective ways to align beauty with health. Free from all uglies, their wild harvested botanicals are conscientiously crafted with plant-powered innovation meaning no nasty preservatives or synthetic fragrances that can harm skin over time.

At Luxe Botanics they believe in giving back to the communities that harvest and process our core botanicals. When you buy into Luxe Botanics you buy into fair trade, the teaching of biodiversity skills and funding development projects for women and children in Africa. When you purchase a Marula product a school child in Kenya will receive books, a school uniform and shoes. When you purchase a Camu product a nursery school child in Ethiopia will receive a nutritious meal. When you purchase a Kigelia product a woman in Malawi will receive 1 day of business training. When you purchase a Discovery Kit a school child in Kenya will receive textbooks.


WELL FOR YOUR BEING: Wildharvested, certified organic, botanic and natural ingredients.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable ingredients

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Core botanicals that create opportunities and have a positive economic impact on rural communities in Africa

CRYSTAL CLEAR: Transparency in ingredients, sourcing and recyclable packaging


Global Ingredient Hunter, scientist and nature lover, Luxe Botanics is the passionate pursuit of South African biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, and her belief in the remarkable intersection between science and nature. Raised in South Africa, surrounded by some of the earth’s most distinct and diverse ecosystems, she has a deep comprehension of nature’s healing abilities. After a decade working on international dermatology and clinical trials, Jené blends her African roots, scientific know how and passion for socially conscious innovation. A stickler for research, her next adventures will see her travel the world in discovery of the next incredible botanical!