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Crystal Clear Power To The People Pro Animal Life Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Fresh, handmade cosmetics.



LUSH is a household name that we’re longtime fans of. Famed for its fresh, handmade cosmetics, LUSH checks many boxes when it comes to conscious beauty and skincare. It’s renowned for its 100% vegetarian philosophy, ethical buying policies, a firm stance against animal testing, handmade products, and naked packaging, not to mention its wonderfully-smelling stores all over the world.


* They also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing.



There are so many reasons but we’ll start with our favourite: the Naked range. LUSH Hong Kong opened the first LUSH Naked shop in Asia. It hosts an abundance of innovative and plastic-free packaging alternatives to your favourite cosmetics. From classics like solid shampoo bars and soaps to new and exclusive naked skincare innovations, it has it all. And the best part? Naked isn’t new in LUSH. The shampoo bar was invented over two decades ago, and the bath bomb is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!

On top of that, it’s big on being against animal testing, plus it’s vegetarian and egg-free! And as you probably know, on every product you can see who made it and when. The company is also very supportive of social and environmental causes, as demonstrated in their latest climate strike, and initiatives like the Charity Pot.



PROTECT THE PLANET: LUSH believes in taking a stand holistically when it comes to the environment. That’s why it’s committed to initiatives like the Global Climate Strike. They also support initiatives like regenerative agriculture projects, reforestation, etc. Not to mention its cork pots are carbon-positive!Within its stores, the Naked range has been constantly expanded. Globally in 2018, LUSH customers saved 6.6 million bottles of plastic bath products by choosing Naked! It also has a take-back scheme worldwide. Called the 5 Pot Programme, this initiative encourages customers to save the black pots that LUSH products come in. You can bring in five of the pots to your local LUSH store, to receive a Fresh Face Mask of your choice, free!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Ethical buying is at the heart of LUSH. Its Ethical Buying team travels worldwide to personally visit suppliers to trace ingredients, meet growers and producers, and ensure an ethical working environment. It also buys from small-scale producer groups, to drive positive change and form incredible relationships with people all over the world.

PRO ANIMAL LIFE: LUSH believes that fighting animal testing shouldn’t just be a slogan. It’s been against it for over 30 years and will continue to inform, engage, and participate in the fight for animal rights. Its products are entirely vegetarian, and now egg-free too.

WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: This is where fresh, handmade cosmetics comes in. Fresh is at its core. Fresh ingredients, fresh inventions and fresh campaigns. It makes everything fresh, and LUSH is proud of every single ingredient used in its products. No synthetic alternatives here!

CRYSTAL CLEAR: On that note, LUSH also lists every ingredient in quantitative order on every pot, bottle, sign, webpage and in the LUSH Times. TIts Ethical Buying initiative also means that you can see whoever made your product.


LUSH goes #EggFree and Gordon Ramsay embraces Veganism!