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Well-For Your-Being

A free self-development app providing expert content to help you take control of your life!


LiveMore offers you entirely for free:

(1) Tailored content from a global network of experts on 8 categories of life changing topics: Achievements, Environment, Finance, physical and mental Health, Learning, Leisure, Purpose, Relationships.

This content comes in the form of short reads/podcasts/videos, various quizzes to understand yourself, comprehensive tracks with guided exercises.

(2) The ability to ask privately and confidentially specific questions to the experts of your choice and receive answers within 2 business days.

With the LiveMore app you can go through the content you like at your own pace and save it for later.



LiveMore addresses 3 challenges you may face when you want to change something in your life.

(1) where to find reliable guidelines and recommendations?

(2) how to access this information without risking losing money

(3) how to stay in control of the whole change process?

LiveMore’s first principle is that for any question you have on your life-changing topics there is an expert with relevant training , expertise and practice who has answers for you.

LiveMore’s second principle is that you should have the chance to discover these experts and access tailored content developed by them without having to pay anything. Money should not be a barrier to self-development.

LiveMore’s third principle is that technology is a positive enabler if it allows you to be in total control of the whole process.



Through its self-development App, LiveMore is helping individuals towards living a more self-conscious & sustainable life. We believe that self-development goes hand in hand with a conscious lifestyle.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: LiveMore believes that by giving everyone easy and free access to relevant knowledge they can help people take control of their life and live it to its best. The self-development App is helping everyone to understand themselves better (current state), reach wellness and be in control of their future (destination). The future, of course, is ultimately a more conscious life overall.