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Little Islanders

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Ethical and sustainable contemporary children’s clothing.


Little Islanders is an ethical clothing label for kids. They make thoughtfully designed, contemporary everyday luxe kidswear with an urban-island aesthetic, using sustainably sourced artisanal hand-loomed fabric from the Philippines. Their clothes are produced in a fair and ethical process by a small sewing workshop in Hong Kong, which channels its profits to support local grassroots community projects.


Little Islanders believes in supporting the artisans and weaving communities engaged in hand-looming work in the Philippines, by using the traditional hand-loomed fabrics in a contemporary fashion and increasing awareness and appreciation of the craft, so that it may be preserved and made sustainable for the future. The hand-loomed fabric is luxurious and durable, perfect for making clothes for active little children!

They also strongly believe in creating social impact at every stage of their production process. Not only are their fabrics sustainably sourced from a weaving community which uses upcycled threads in their hand-looming process, their clothes are sewn by a small sewing workshop in Hong Kong, which is part of an NGO/ social service that channels their profits to grassroots community work and service to the underprivileged in economically disadvantaged areas in the territory.

They also want to raise awareness of slow fashion for kids and encourage people to buy less and buy better. This includes investing in good quality, durable pieces that can be worn in all seasons, which can take kids from the playground to dinner, and which can become heirloom pieces that can be handed down in time to come


PROTECT THE PLANET: They use sustainably sourced materials including upcycled fabrics and invest in quality materials that increase the lifespan of their clothing. 

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They support artisans in the Phillippines as well as the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.


Gwen created Little Islanders after the birth of her daughter, out of a desire to connect with heritage in a contemporary and relevant way. Having chanced upon a growing movement in the Philippines to revive the art of traditional hand-looming, she discovered the vibrant beauty, strength and versatility of these hand-loomed fabrics, and was inspired to use them for making contemporary clothing for her daughter and other little kids. So the journey of Little Islanders began, and the journey continues as she continues to learn more about and work with heritage textile traditions and sustainability projects in the Philippines.