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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Ethically made garments created together with refugee workers in Athens.


Lefko is an independent fashion label working together with refugees in Athens, Greece to create linen classics that you will hopefully keep for a long time. Lefko means “white” in Greek; for Lefko, that means a clean supply chain without any ethical or environmental stains. It uses linen because it comes from flax, one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. Its seamstresses in Athens are refugees who earn a living wage, work in dignified conditions and can get better integrated within the local community.

Lefko operates a small batch production of 50 pieces, meaning there’s no waste from unsold inventory and a less complex business model. Its classic all-white style will stand the test of constantly changing trends. The best part? When you stop wearing it you can send it back to Lefko for free; it will upcycle or repair it to give it a second life.


Lefko exists to shine a light on the impact of fashion and to increase awareness about conscious consumption. From the fabrics used, to the supply chain, to the people that create the garments.


Lefko encourages its customers to return garments when they’re worn through or in need of a quick repair (how awesome is that?). It also works closely with the factories and manufacturers to ensure the wellbeing of its workers. Its fabric of choice is linen, which comes from one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world: flax.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Lefko aims to increase awareness of the impact of fashion on the planet. By creating garments in small batches, reducing waste, and encouraging consumers to return garments once they are worn out or need repairing, it aims to close the loop on fashion. (The Lefko Loop, as it likes to call it!). It also only uses linen and other materials that are 100% biodegradable to produce its garments.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Lefko works with refugees in Greek to produce its garments. It pays a living wage and works closely with its factories and manufacturers to ensure its workers are being treated fairly. Lefko includes a postcard with every purchase which you can send back to the maker of your item to say a little thank you or say hello!


Lefko was founded in 2018 by Joanne, a graphic designer, and Mihalis, a supply chain consultant. Initially, their project launched at the Raise Your Voice festival in Athens. They were raising awareness about human trafficking. Together, they want to be part of the solution to help the huge influx of refugees who have been stranded in Greece. By purchasing a Lefko item, you are also part of the solution!

LEFKO founders behind a desk