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Karst Stone Paper

Innovation For Good Protect The Planet

Waterproof, Tear-resistant and Recycled Stone Paper.


Did you know, you can also make paper out of stone? Karst Stone Paper transforms recycled stone into simple, functional and luxury stationery. Notebooks that feel part of your everyday life, rather than just simple writing tools.


Stone paper is future-friendly, made from one of the most abundant substances on earth: calcium carbonate. What you’re looking at is recycled — Karst Stone Paper repurposes waste stone produced by the mining industry and construction industry, crushes it into a powder, and combines it with a non-toxic, recyclable binding agent to make stone paper. Not one drop of water and not one tree was harmed in the making of these notebooks.

Their products are an amazing alternative to traditional pulp paper that uses no trees, water, wastes, acids or bleaches to produce. Their paper is the whitest and smoothest paper available. Not only is Karst Stone Paper a better alternative, it’s also waterproof and tear resistant. Their manufacturing process is powered in part by solar energy and leaves a 60% smaller carbon footprint than traditional paper.


PROTECT THE PLANET: They use recycled stone instead of trees to make a sustainable paper option, lowering their carbon footprint by 60% in their manufacturing process.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: They combine recycled stone to a non-toxic, recyclable binding agent to make sustainable paper that is also waterproof and tear-resistant.


Based out of Sydney Australia, Karst Stone Paper was born earlier this year (2017) by founder and CEO Kevin Garcia. With a background in medical sciences, Kevin left an unfulfilling job to chase his passion for branding, product design and environmental consciousness to create unique consumer based stone paper stationery products. After the initial discovery of stone paper within the commercial markets and its environmental benefits, Kevin was able to find a niche within well-designed stationery notebooks. As someone who loves the digital age, filled with iPads laptops and screens there is always something more fulfilling when putting ink to paper and Kevin aspires to make sure Karst products fit seamlessly with your digital devices.

As Karst Stone Paper paper grows, Kevin hopes to make a dent in the traditional paper industry by reaching all corners of the globe. A big driver for Kevin is to provide the best possible stationery products to inspire people to create more and do more, while also leaving a positive impact on the planet.