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Well-For Your-Being

Being a digital companion for millennials.



Ikeegai is a mobile app that serves as a digital companion of millennials on their journey to their best life. This free personal development app will help people find their purpose in life with a holistic approach across eight dimensions: achievements, environment, finance, health, learning, leisure, purpose, relationships.



Ikeegai was founded on 4 core beliefs:

>Human beings are fundamentally good and have in their brain what it takes to take control of their life, live it to the best and contribute to a better society.

>A friendly companion with a genuine interest in their success and well-being is all they need to start the journey.

>The sooner it happens in their adult life the better.

>Digital devices are here to last, let’s turn them into positive enablers.



Ikeegai is a personal development app. It is focused on helping the individual towards living a more conscious life, in the eight dimensions listed above. Their app will also feature a marketplace, heavily curated to include ethical suppliers.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Ikeegai believes that by giving everyone easy and free access to relevant knowledge and technology, they can discover and reach their ikigai (purpose in life). Everyone has an Ikigai and deserves to reach it and take control of their lives. The app is a GPS for happiness, helping everyone to understand themselves (current state), reach wellness and be in control of their future (destination). The future, of course, is ultimately a more conscious life overall.


Serge Genetet has 25 years of experience of international business development and management in Information Technology. He holds a Master’s degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris, one of the leading Engineering schools in France. He also holds a post-graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Paris Jussieu in France. Since his first posting to Carnegie Mellon where he developed Expert systems and Machine learning tools, his passion for Artificial Intelligence which has never left him.

Neil Persaud is an expert of people and collaborating across all cultures. Neil has been based in Singapore since 2008 and has held international leadership roles since 2005. He is also a Lecturer of Management in the US. He is currently Chief People Officer and Board Member of CXA Group. He is also the author of a business management/leadership book titled: “Managing Across Cultures”.

ikeegai green is the new black

ikeegai green is the new black