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Hunter + Boo

Crystal Clear Protect The Planet

Modern, Ethical and Sustainable baby & children’s wear.


Sustainable, ethical, affordable and totally cute? Hunter + Boo’s set out from the beginning to be an amazing children’s wear brand of action by building the business on a set of firm ethical foundations. This is reflected through the entire supply chain from the moment fabrics have been chosen.


Hunter + Boo’s clothing is produced in a small factory in beautiful Sri Lanka which employs men and women who work in a safe, respectful environment and who are paid a proper wage for everything they do.

They actively seek out to help preserve artisan craftsmanship by providing local Sri Lankan communities with a broader market to showcase and sell their traditional products like baskets, cushions and teddy bears. With the Garments Without Guilt (GWG) award, an accreditation which is the highest Sri Lankan best-practice standard; their manufacturing process ensures that all products are made with integrity and respect by adhering to strict ethical and sustainability principles.

They are also Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) certified by only using organically produced raw materials. Carrying the GOTS accreditation means that their amazing products have satisfied all the requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, providing credible assurance to the end customer. Pretty neat.

Hunter + Boo’s supplier has also been awarded the OEKO Tex 100 certification which relates to the dyes used in garment fabrics.  The dyes are recognised as environmentally safe and eco-friendly which means they are low impact for the environment and safe for use on babies’ sensitive skin.


PROTECT THE PLANET: They use only organically produced raw materials and eco-friendly dyes for all their products.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: They champion transparency in their supply chain.


Growing up in the British countryside of the Isle of Wight, enterprising young sisters Beth & Sarah always dreamed of working together but families and careers beckoned them in different directions.

In London, Sarah developed a passion for beautiful products, working as a Buyer for leading high-street fashion brands. Throughout her career she has taken a particular interest in the supply chain – the sequence of processes and locations involved in bringing products to market; she is particularly encouraged by the strides made in the fashion industry towards making a positive impact on the lives of those involved in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Beth’s step into motherhood with the birth of her twin babies was a personal trigger to make some fundamental choices about the kind of world she wanted for her children to grow up in. Wanting to pass on positive influences, one mindful step was to buy ethically produced, organic products for her babies.

And so, the long-awaited opportunity for Beth and Sarah to bring their creative and personal passions together unfolded with the launch of Hunter + Boo, a brand of beautiful, playful, ethically made organic clothing for children.