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Hide The Label

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Womenswear small batch, slow fashion brand


Hide The Label is a London/Singapore based sustainable fashion brand that creates effortless silhouettes that fit well, last longer and can be worn by every woman, every season, for every occasion. The fabrics are where the brand really shines; using plant-derived fibres or reclaimed fibres, which conserve material resources, and are coupled with special printing techniques using minimal water. 


Hide The Label’s mission is simple, “to make slow fashion the only fashion.” They create effortless silhouettes that fit well and last longer. The brand puts an emphasis on slow fashion through conscious design, well made, timeless styles that incorporate vivid prints and sustainable materials to ensure longevity and wearability. 


Hide The Label use sustainable materials. They use Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certified recycled polyester made from post-consumer waste products that have been spun into fine fibres and then woven into fabrics. This helps keep plastic waste out of landfills, which can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade. This fabric has a lower carbon footprint as it uses much less water to produce than virgin polyester. They also use Viscose which is a semi-synthetic plant-based material derived from the ‘cellulose’ or wood pulp from fast-growing, regenerative trees. They never dye fabrics allowing them to avoid wastage. Instead, the brand directly prints onto the fabric, which means less wasted surplus ink and minimal use of water. The thing we absolutely love about the brand is their determination to always thrive to do better and improve their standards. 


PROTECT THE PLANET: The brand uses sustainable materials from Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certified recycled polyester. They favour slow fashion. The brand’s packaging is plastic-free and made from 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based films. The vegetable bag can be home composted. 

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The brand empower women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds to feel good wearing our label. They also adopt ethical manufacturing processes.


Hide The Label was born in London when siblings Shereen and Ryan Barrett. They realised there needed to be a shift in the way that we design, the materials we select, and their impact on the environment. For the siblings, making and creating was a huge part of their upbringing. From experimenting with sewing machines to starting a design studio, their inherent creativity and successful fashion careers have inspired them to craft a brand that challenges the ongoing issues within ‘fast fashion’.