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Heavens Please

Well-For Your-Being


Premium CBD (Cannabidiol) lifestyle brand featuring clean and natural products, promoting holistic wellness and awareness on Hemp in Hong Kong.



Heavens Please is a premium CBD lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong. Offering CBD and natural products to elevate your life and maintain wellness through wiser everyday choices.

Taking a holistic approach on wellness, they take care of your wellbeing by selecting non-harmful products to transform your daily ritual on different aspects – emotional, physical, and spiritual, in order to regain balance as a whole.

They carefully select products that are clean and harm free, all CBD products in their line of offerings have been vetted with the highest standards. You will find a curated range of products from tincture, topicals to edibles at Heavens Please of quality and transparency.



Vision: They believe plant heals, especially with CBD. Combining ancient wisdom and modern day technology advancement, this powerful compound is the key to reintroducing phytotherapy into your daily life. Through plants and nature they learn why a holistic way of life is important, and this will lead to transformation.

Mission: To bring awareness and create change through understanding the Cannabis plant, with a focus on hemp and CBD. They provide a fresh and modern perspective to this historical plant while introducing health benefits to a progressive audience. They aim to build a platform that is trustworthy and provide transparency on what their customers are getting.



They choose to offer clean and natural products only because they are created with ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. Some of them are eco-certed, while most guaranteed with organic/ biodynamic farming practice and sustainability, they make sure their product source cause as little environmental impact as possible. Since all products are plant based, they are all vegan and we have only selected those not tested on animals.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Heavens Please curates only the best products, as natural as possible, to promote your holistic wellbeing.



Co-founders of Heavens Please, Denise and Terry are both spiritual practitioners based in Hong Kong. Their focus on holistic healing has led them to discover hemp and CBD, and it’s many benefits.

Coming from a background in hospitality and arts, they understand the needs of this high stressed society and consumers are shifting away from pharmaceuticals.

With a progressive mindset, they strive to bring down the stigma of this ancient plant – cannabis, reintroducing it back into our daily lives just like our predecessors did. After experiencing the healing powers of CBD, they have decided to bring it into Hong Kong.

Denise and Terry will continue their path on freeing people’s mind, with various mediums and collaborations in the future.