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Happy Earth

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Traditional, 100% natural, chemical free, biodegradable and edible (!) body care products.



Happy Earth is a small, certified organic farm in Thailand. They make body care products the traditional way, using only fruits, leaves, and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their organic farming community. All of their products are 100% natural, chemical free, biodegradable and even edible. They are meant to be genuinely good for human beings, animals and the environment. Through their products, they hope to share their philosophy of “live, learn and grow with Mother Earth” to inspire change and reconnect everyone with Mother Nature.



At Happy Earth, they believe that humans are inseparable from Mother Earth: what makes Mother Earth happy, also makes humans happy. So they make products that are not only good for people but are also made from ingredients and processes that are good for Mother Earth. Their products are made from only whole fruits, leaves and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their organic farming community. They don’t use chemical additives, or machine extraction – they use only what Mother Earth offers and only in the purest form. Hence, their products are 100% biodegradable and do not leave harmful chemicals in the environment.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Using only sustainable and environmentally- responsible farming and manufacturing practices in creating products that are meant to be genuinely good for humans, animals and the environment.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Sharing the knowledge and “live, learn, grow with Mother Earth” philosophy with everyone.



Nok and Kamphol are the souls behind Happy Earth Farm. Years of working in environmental and forest promotion NGO’s taught them that real change starts from within. With that thought in mind and the birth of their daughter, in 2005, they moved back to their family farm in Uthaitani, a rural province in Thailand, and turned dry gravel land into a certified organic farm. To spread their love and inspire change, they hope to plant seeds in everyone’s hearts by making products that are made from only the purest nature has to offer, and by making everyone feel beautiful without harming animals or the environment.