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Green Curve

Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Being the first eco-gym in Singapore!



Green Curve is Singapore’s first and only sustainable fitness boutique. It is more than just a place to work out and lift weights, it’s a way to be fit and care for the environment at the same time too. They offer a range of services, including personal training, semi-private training, group classes, client assessment, and more. They even have an eco-apparel and merchandised boutique and supplements shop!



Green Curve is a total mind and body fitness centre working towards a healthier community and a healthier planet. After all, conscious and sustainable living starts from and with you.



Green Curve is an eco-gym with many features that make it sustainable: good for you and good for the planet. Their technology, flooring, lighting, facilities, and more are all sustainable. They also actively promote and participate in the eco-community, doing educational and social events. During these events, residents of Singapore can learn about green initiatives.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Green Curve’s technology is eco-powered, meaning that it captures human exertion and turns it into usable electricity. (Their juice bar is powered by humans!) Additionally, they have recycled rubber flooring, and energy-saving lightning throughout the entire eco-gym. Even when you shower, you’ll also be using less water because of the low water consumption design. Beyond that, they also ask their members to use reusable drink containers, provide recycling bins and use natural green cleaning products. Finally, they supply eco-friendly products and services, even partnering with green and plant-based meal plan suppliers.

WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Green Curve actively encourages their members to live a more conscious life, and promote it via their boutique and supplements shop. At the shop, you can find out more about conscious products to go along with your eco-gym lifestyle to help you be more conscious on the daily.



Ahmad was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, growing up surrounded by the businessmen community. He is more than an inspiring social entrepreneur. Ahmad has experience in the Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Food, Fitness & Health industries. Aside from successfully completing the Saudi Arabia Government scholarship in Australia, he has also accumulated sports & health training certificates. Ahmad has always been passionate about fitness & health and believes in long term healthy lifestyle. He creates eco fitness aware communities and brings together NUTRITION-FIT + MINDFIT + BODY-FIT + ECO-FIT.

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