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Gifts Less Ordinary

Protect The Planet


First luxury gifting marketplace in SE Asia offering sustainable and socially conscious corporate gifts.



Gifts Less Ordinary (GLO) Corporate is the first corporate gifting marketplace that seeks to provide personalised experiences through sustainable and luxurious eco-friendly products. They support Corporate businesses who share their belief in Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential aspect of any business agenda, providing them with a wide, yet carefully curated selection of beautiful corporate gifts. Recognising that every recipient is unique, they also allow for individual personalisation at wholesale prices, offering instant quotations and online fulfillment at competitive prices. Sustainable Corporate gifting has never been so memorable, yet effortless.



They believe that their success should be built on responsible decisions that positively impact the society and natural environment. By offering sustainable corporate gifts, they aim to establish strong and lasting partnerships with Corporate partners who share the same values. Through the corporate gifting initiatives, they want to deliver their shared values on environmental sustainability that is communicated through sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing products.



PROTECT THE PLANET: All gifts featured in their Socially Conscious category are made from 100% fair-trade cotton, 100% biodegradable jute and other recycled materials.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They support women in the workforce – over 80% of their team is female.



Amy Read is a highly-experienced digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in the field, and the founder of Gifts Less Ordinary. She has always dreamt about starting her own online business with her passion for digital.

The idea for Gifts Less Ordinary came to Amy when her best friend first sent her a Tiffany-esque box that came with personalised gifts and her newborn son’s name imprinted on it. Overwhelmed by that beautiful, personal touch on the gift, she identified the market opportunityfor unique gifts and knew she wanted to bring the same experience to others in Asia.

At Gifts Less Ordinary, Amy wants to create an online shopping experience similar to browsing at a luxury boutique. With personalisation at the heart of the company, consumers and businesses alike benefit from unique, personalised gifts through an easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Amy is also a mother to 3 cubs and enjoys quality time with her family when she’s hung up her coat for the day.