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Crystal Clear Power To The People



Pure cashmere scarves, ethically made, inspired by tradition, contemporary pieces created for the modern man and woman.



Launched in November 2018, pure pashmina scarves and wraps from Franci have been borne out of a passion to source the most pure, ethical and softest pashminas in the world.



Vision: Franci is dedicated and endeavouring to make a positive social and environmental impact when looking at sourcing, production and distribution, whilst always keeping in mind the purity and authenticity of the pashmina.

Mission: Their social objectives when sourcing and producing are to work to the sustainability and empowerment of communities by ensuring the artisans are paid fairly for their work. Their environmental objectives are to limit further negative impact by recycling and re-using wherever possible.



They source their pashminas from a small family owned pashmina craft business in Nepal. They are experienced artisans who understand the process of crafting with the delicate Chyangra cashmere fibre by using the traditional wooden handlooms to produce the delicate pashmina. One pashmina is individually woven before starting production on the next one. It takes one artisan 2-3 hours to produce one pashmina. Each pashmina is certified with the Chyangra hallmark white label, which authenticates it has been made from the chyangra cashmere fibre from the Nepalese or Tibetan Himalayas or the Mongolian Plateau Chyangra goat.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their pashminas are made by artisans who have safe working environments, whose livelihoods are sustained by being paid a fair wage for their craftsmanship, whose craft is kept alive for future generations. The love for their craft has been spun into the pure cashmere yarn and then beautifully woven to create a pashmina that is soft to the touch, light as a feather and as individual and elegant as YOU.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: All Franci pashmina carry the Chyangra Pashmina Certification/Trademark label, and all products are ethically manufactured in Nepal.