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Elysian 5

Power To The People Pro Animal Life Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being


A skincare brand dedicated to creating luxury skin care products made 100% naturally.


Elysian 5 Skincare has created a coffee body and face scrub with ingredients that have genuine benefits for your whole body. Their main ingredient is Arabica coffee grinds which is a superb exfoliator packed with antioxidants. The scrub tightens and firms skin, stimulates blood flow (eliminating toxins from the body), improves circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, targets stretch marks and buffs away dead skin cells, giving your skin a brighter more even tone. Added to this key ingredient are carefully selected vitamins, oils and the purest of essential oils that instantly change the way your skin looks and feels. Face masks are the newest product to recently be launched under the brand. Elysian believes that face masks should be part of your weekly skin regimen. Not only will they help maintain your beautiful skin in between treatments, they will help rejuvenate your look and help restore damaged skin. With 5 face masks to choose from, be sure to find the perfect one for your skin type.


Their mission is to create 100% natural skincare products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their vision is to continually source more environmentally friendly packaging as they add more products and grow their brand.


They wanted to create a product that everyone can use with confidence and ease while benefiting from it at the same time. They recycle used coffee grains and look for suppliers that have fair trade and cruelty-free ingredients. Their products are also made locally in Singapore so they can support local suppliers and local manufacturing. Elysian 5 use cardboard packaging and tubes that are all recyclable


PROTECT THE PLANET: All their ingredients are natural, so there is no impact or harming the ecosystem or anyone’s health.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Elysian 5 also supports charities like Caring for Cambodia and Babes, a helping hand for pregnant teens.

PRO ANIMAL LIFE: No animals harmed during the production of their products.

WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: All ingredients are 100% natural.


Elysian 5 Skincare was founded by two Singapore based Greek-Australian childhood friends with a passion for skincare and beauty products. Their business was conceived in 2016 out of a shared desire to get back into the workforce after leaving their corporate lives in Australia. They both wanted to build a business that they loved. A skincare brand that produced products of the highest quality. Products that where natural and could be used in anyone’s daily routine with positive results.” The name Elysian 5 was chosen for the founders’ shared Greek heritage. Elysian, meaning ‘Heavenly and pure” was the essence of what they wanted their products to be known for. The number 5 for their 5 beautiful children they have combined. This number was also the inspiration for the 5 key ingredients used, the benefits to skin and the number of essential based fragrances in their 1st range.