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Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
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Eden + Elie

Crystal Clear Power To The People

Artisan made socially focused jewellery label.


E D E N + E L I E is a Singapore-based jewellery brand established in 2015, focused on using hand-weaving techniques to create functional, wearable pieces with a modern contemporary aesthetic. They create their own designs, train and partner with artisans to produce their jewellery. All their jewellery is proudly made in Singapore.

They create jewellery to be lifelong companions – for wearing in any season of life and are fiercely dedicated to the craft, to aesthetics and to function. They like to think of themselves as designers and makers with heart.


E D E N + E L I E handcraft beautiful jewellery which is designed to last a lifetime. Rising above fast fashion and design, the adopt a slow design model, pouring time, commitment and love into each piece. A wooden bracelet, for example, takes 8 hours and 2250 beads!

They are also transparent about their supply chain and the sourcing of their suppliers, ensuring that they are ethical and fair-trade all the way through.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their jewellery is designed, hand-crafted and handsewn in Singapore, through training and partnership with artisans.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: They are committed to being responsible for their sourcing of suppliers who are reputable and ethical. And openly share about where the materials come from, how long it takes to make and how they are made.


Born and raised in Singapore, Stephanie spent most of her adult life in the U.S. where she trained as an architect and worked as a design professional for many years before returning to Singapore with her husband and two young children.

She loves design and working with different materials and scale and learnt sewing and embroidery from her grandmother around the age of 12.. Having designed buildings, furniture collections and also worked a short stint for a well-known fashion brand, she believes design has tremendous potential to create value in the marketplace while remaining human-centred and grounded in making life better for all. While on maternity leave from the birth of her second child, she took up jewellery making and found it liberating designing at such an intimate scale. She started EDEN + ELIE after leaving her full-time consulting job in 2015.