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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Conscious fashion for your feet.



When you walk out of a DesiHangover store, you don’t walk out with just a shoe; you walk away with a story. A story that goes well beyond “ethically sourced upcycled leather” — a story that makes its way to one of the most industrious corners of the country: Kolhapur. Kolhapur is a village of traditional artisan cobblers in the Indian state of Maharashtra who had lost their livelihood to the mass production revolution. Every DesiHangover shoe creates new opportunities, new hope and helps this community stitch together a whole new life.



Desi Hangover wishes to create better alternatives for fashion while weaving together better communities. At its core is upcycling waste leather to handcraft shoes that empowers artisans at the village level.


Not only does DesiHangover create shoes from upcycled leather, but by doing so, they are reducing waste in landfills and reducing their carbon footprint. They further empowering artisan families by getting them involved in shoemaking and then assist their children in getting their children educated in schools with well-equipped facilities. They also believe that consciousness is about being aware of. Therefore, conscious fashion is when YOU (the consumer) are fully aware of every initiative and investment made towards creating a soulful and sustainable fashion statement. And that’s the service they provide.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: DesiHangover has so far empowered 70 artisan families and educated 100 children through the production of their shoes.

TRANSPARENCY: The DesiHangover website is brimming with information about who made their shoes, their initiatives, their sustainable development goals and the families that they work with. 

PROTECT THE PLANET: Through their eco-friendly practices, DesiHangover are protecting the planet. They have so far upcycled 40,000 square feet of leather for their shoes, preventing it from going to landfill. They also use plastic waste to make the outsoles of their shoes, and their packaging is made from upcycled jute.



Lakshya Arora is the co-founder of DesiHangover a global conscious fashion brand based out of Mumbai, forayed into the world of business at the age of 18. He represents the new wave of passionate Indian entrepreneurs, determined to take homegrown Indian brands globally, weaving the core of the ‘Made in India’ story. While in India, he recognised that people around him loved the local Indian shoes he was wearing and along with his now co-founder, discovered that there lay a great opportunity to get this craft to the world. Eventually, they bridged the gap by becoming the first Indian global shoe brand and transform the lives of artisans from India’s villages. Lakshya is also an avid reader and a passionate motorcyclist. When not peddling shoes, he is often found reading biographies or motorcycling across the country.