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302 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
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Innovation For Good Power To The People Protect The Planet


Sustainable brand inspired by people and the design genius within nature and culture.



Sustainable clothing brand inspired by human-wonder, they create exquisitely tailored, super smart and practical designs that champion women in their everyday glory.



Vision: They create smart clothes for smart women and a smarter future.

Mission: ‘Deploy’ their expertise in customisation to make fashion more sustainable; less wasteful. Dressing you better while reforming the fashion supply chain.



Timeless styles are thoughtfully designed around you. Each garment is thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle in mind, and rigorously constructed with the five key components of exquisite fabrics, fine-tailoring, functional versatility, lasting style and fit perfection.

Garments are crafted in London, and readily available across the world. Couture craftsmanship isn’t about exclusive, catwalk looks, but about purposeful, quality clothes and personal service that best serves you.

360° Sustainable Ethos makes a difference, one customer at a time. They maintain supply chain integrity via six steps: listening to you carefully, designing thoughtfully, sourcing environmentally, producing prudently, upcycling creatively and giving directly to humanitarian charity partners.



INNOVATION FOR GOOD: Using the finest fabrics that will still look just as beautiful and purposeful several seasons from now. They think deeper and more carefully to construct garments that fit better and work harder. With the snap of an imperceptible fasting, a dress becomes a blouse, a coat becomes a jacket. So you get multiple uses and looks from one perfectly-crafted garment.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They are a Carbon Smart certified company. They start right from conserving resources at the design-development stages, to actively avoiding over production, to using biodegradable packaging and green couriers. All production off-cuts are salvaged and re-used or up-cycled into the exquisitely handmade hats and headdresses from their sister brand, Hennumi Millinery. Their exquisite fabrics are almost exclusively sourced from environmentally certified textiles suppliers in Britain and Europe who are committed to the highest standards of sustainability. They are always available to provide aftercare – repairing and re-designing to increase the lifespan of your garments.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their collection is mostly produced in London by boutique production houses and artisanal craftsmen. Beyond their own DEPLOY cradle-to-cradle circular economy, they collaborate with charity partners and contribute towards humanitarian projects. In every region where they reap, they sow.



Bernice’s love of design started early. From childhood, she was styling her school friends, sketching, cutting and sewing her own clothes, even designing her room and furniture. In fact, architecture was to be her academic training – at the University of Cambridge – but fashion soon beckoned. In the 1990s, she rose to the role of Design Director at a major New York fashion house and, having witnessed fashion with all its glories and flaws, realised her mission as a designer – namely, to use her passion for design to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and to tackle the social and environmental problems endemic in the fashion industries.

DEPLOY was launched in 2006 and Sister brand Hennumi Millinery was subsequently co-founded with Tosin Trim in 2009.

“I love discussing women’s needs and concerns, then recommending and tailoring pieces for the best expression of their personal style and fit. When I see their faces light up and their posture change; feeling confident and looking great – my job is done!”