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Deep Blue Straws

Power To The People Protect The Planet



Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to straws: Paper, Metal and Bamboo straws for sale for both customers and businesses.



Deep Blue Straws offers Paper, Metal and Bamboo straws to both customers and businesses, so whatever you require, they are confident they can help you on your journey as they fight to protect the world’s oceans. Furthermore, they are creating a brand that people can feel part of; a brand that when they see it, they immediately know organisations are supportive of their cause and share their values. Consumers can use Deep Blue Straws products at home and in partner venues, knowing that by doing so they are helping to reduce their own plastic footprint on our oceans. For businesses, they are launching a highly recognizable and inclusive brand of plastic free products for your customers. Their products show that they, as a company support the necessary changes needed to reduce plastic pollution.



Their aim is to partner with individuals and businesses alike who share their values and passion for driving sustainable change, no matter how big or small that might be. In light of the plastic crisis that the world currently finds itself in, they have created a range of straws that support their drive towards shifting consumers’ attitudes and behaviours away from plastic, towards ocean and environmentally friendly alternatives.



PROTECT THE PLANET: By taking action against disposable plastic in the oceans.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE:  By assisting people in meeting their sustainability goals and needs.



At Deep Blue Straws their mission is simple: To turn the tide on the plastic pollution currently decimating the world’s oceans. For them, this starts at home, at the pub, in restaurants, and anywhere plastic straws can be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives. They created Deep Blue Straws to help work with both individuals and businesses, from small to large, providing them with simple change solutions; moving them away from plastic straws and onto paper, bamboo and stainless-steel alternatives.



Deep Blue Straws was founded by Jonny and Tom Warner in 2018; a vision from two brothers who wanted to make a difference to our world’s oceans. Tom’s early career was built in the hospitality industry, running bars and restaurants across London. With a background in the industry, he has seen first hand the impact of single-use plastic. He co-founded Deep Blue Straws as a way to drive positive change for our world’s oceans. Jonny built a successful career within Executive Search in the UK before moving to Hong Kong in 2017. Witnessing the shocking levels of plastic pollution that occur throughout Asia has made him more determined to do everything he can to help tackle this global problem.