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BLACK PAINT Microbiome Skincare

Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Natural and organic plant-based skincare.


What can you put on your skin that is nourishing instead of sterilizing nowadays? BLACK PAINT is not just another organic beauty brand, they only use high-quality natural and organic plant-based ingredients. These ingredients protect our microbiomes, that supports our very own body’s natural healing process, from the inside out, so that you can achieve naturally beautiful skin.


Our human bodies are a part of nature, and profoundly connected with it on every level. Without nature’s nourishing and healing materials, we could not exist. BLACK PAINT was founded on the realization that this is as true for our skin as for every other part of our body. Only pure, organic materials can return the skin to its original state of healthy, beautiful balance, while manmade chemicals cause short-term alterations but damage the skin more in the long run. It is also proudly certified HALAL by NPO Japan Halal Association.

They are on a continuous journey to educate society on the importance of care for mother earth, with initiatives to draw links between living a natural and organic lifestyle and how it impacts the world we live. They believe in spreading the message of using organic, natural products to maintain the healthy skin-flora that exists naturally in all humans.


WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: By using organic, natural products to return the skin to its original state of healthy, beautiful balance.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Not only are their products organic and natural, their packaging is totally recyclable!


BLACK PAINT was born in 1998 from brand founder Miyuki Maeda’s determination to cure hers and her daughter’s own kidney problems. During her healing journey, she studied modern physiology and bacteriology, as well as traditional natural healing systems from around the world.

She eventually discovered the importance of microbiome, and instead of killing those bacteria, we should nourish them so they can support our immune system. The concept of microbiome became the healing motivator that both Miyuki and her daughter needed, and they managed to overcome their kidney issues. This then led to the conceptualization of the BLACK PAINT skincare range, and the brand has been growing ever since.