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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Bean-to-bar chocolate ethically sourced and created in Asia.


Benns is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker focused on positively impacting Asian cacao farming communities. Using a direct trade model, it can compensate farmers two to three times more than market cocoa prices. It works closely with farmers to instil a mindset shift towards producing higher quality cacao to improve compensation levels further.

Benns journey to create a healthier and more ethical chocolate began approximately two years ago. After working and interacting with local farmers, the team learned about the profoundly saddening reality of the cacao industry. Farmers were producing a considerable amount of cacao but were compensated poorly. And with a distinct lack of recognition for the quality of their product. Benns took it upon themselves to do as much as possible to benefit these communities and has been working with them closely ever since.

All Benns chocolate starts with drying and fermenting cacao beans from the farms. It then follows a carefully curated eight-step bean to bar process. The chocolate is made only from natural ingredients (cacao nibs, cocoa butter, and unrefined cane sugar). This means Benns chocolate is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and halal.


Its vision is to create a world where Asian cacao farmers are fairly compensated, and consumers can enjoy natural chocolate as a healthy snack. It’s also on a mission to create a movement promoting sustainable cacao farming in Asia.


All of its delicious chocolate products are entirely vegan.

It also works hard to protect its farmers through its partnerships. It allows Benns to instil a mindset shift that with better quality beans comes better compensation and improvement to their livelihoods. Supporting farmers in Asia means that Benns is committed to producing healthy, sustainable, and directly-sourced chocolate.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Benns works only with small farms around Asia that use sustainable agriculture farming methods, several of whom are UTZ certified.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Its trade policy cuts out the middle man, meaning Benns works directly with Asian cacao farmers. It ensures farmers are fairly compensated, their livelihoods improved, and that the quality of the produce is second to none.