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Bamboa Home

Power To The People Protect The Planet


Home wares and lifestyle products made of locally harvested bamboo.



Founded in Hong Kong in 2008, Bamboa is dedicated to designing home wares and lifestyle products using sustainably grown bamboo, because beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense.

All of Bamboa’s products are designed with the highest environmental and social standards and made on a fair-wage basis as a stable source of income, particularly for women, thus helping to alleviate poverty in less-fortunate regions.

Bamboa’s product lines include luxury bamboo bed linen, towels, designer homewares. lighting, furniture pieces and eco-friendly home and fashion accessories.



Bamboa actively promotes the use of the most sustainably sourced bamboo by designing attractive, high quality and practical home and lifestyle products that are made in the homes and small businesses of rural communities across Asia. This helps provide these communities with a locally-based and meaningful livelihoods.  As the planet’s fastest growing plant, cultivating bamboo provides positive environmental benefit with one hectare of bamboo able to sequester 62 tons of C02. Over a year, this can absorb the equivalent emissions of three people in China.

Bamboa collaborates with local like-minded business on awareness raising events including the zero-waste movement and upcycling materials that might have otherwise been sent to the landfill. Globally Bamboa supports public-private partnerships helping fund the development of bamboo as a catalyst for social and environmental good.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Replace materials such as hardwoods, stainless steel, plastics and concrete, to provide sustainably produced and stylish goods into people’s homes thereby refining their lifestyle choices and reducing their consumption footprint. All Bamboa products are certified (FDA, LFGG, Oeko-tex) and packaged in sustainable materials.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: In Hong Kong Bamboa supports a range of local charities by donating bamboo products and donating proceeds of sales to their causes.



With 10 years in the sustainable homewares business, Bamboa was at the forefront of the conscious consumerism movement in Asia. As this movement grows and more people choose a low impact lifestyle Bamboa’s mission is to continue to raise awareness about the benefits of bamboo through education and the ongoing development of new products and new global markets for bamboo commodities.

In Hong Kong Bamboa will expand it’s boutique space with a new location in the heart of Central and move towards more in-person opportunities for customers to learn about bamboo including in-store events and retreats to meet the makers in regional artisan communities.



Bamboa founder Julia Washbourne has over 15 years experience living in and working in product design and manufacturing across Asia. Her extensive experience across the life cycle of manufacturing led her to seek out the most sustainable and environmentally conscious best practices.This search led her to the ‘wonder resource’ of bamboo that produces environmental benefit in biomass and carbon sequestration, it grows quickly and abundantly without disruptive irrigation, fertilizer or insecticides and has infinite uses as a viable agricultural product that can provide impoverished communities with a meaningful livelihood and the chance for a better future. Through extensive research and testing, Bamboa now utilises processes and production methods that transform this amazing resource into beautiful and durable contemporary products for use in daily life.

As a board member of Pacific Bamboo Resources Julia is helping steer the ‘Bamboo for Good’ Program, a public-private partnership enlisting bamboo as a valuable catalyst for social empowerment, economic vitality, and environmental health.