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Eco-chic hair and beauty brand.


What can only be found in Morocco, is completely organic and guaranteed to give you a good hair day? Ayelli’s Argan Oil is the ultimate beauty secret for healthy, frizz-free, beautiful hair and radiant skin—a ‘miracle liquid gold’.


Ayelli is an eco-chic brand of hair and skin care products offering pure argan oil and inspired by Morocco’s beauty rituals. Their star ingredient is the pure and organic Moroccan Argan oil, which they produce on their farm.

Ayelli prides themselves in having the highest quality certified organic argan oil on the market, which is produced by their women’s cooperatives in Morocco using fair trade practices. A 100% product of Morocco made with expertise, care, and love.

Not only does the brand actively promote women empowerment by working directly with women cooperatives, they also provide financial education to their team.

A product that is good for you, the planet and its women farmers – this is why we love Ayelli!


PROTECT THE PLANET: Environmentally responsible and eco friendly through harvesting and reforestation projects that help preserve the soil and rare Argan trees.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Supporting local women in Morocco through fair trade practices, ensuring the social, economical and environmental well-being of their farmers.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: Openly sharing where their products are sourced from and how they are made


More than an inspiring social entrepreneur, Habiba Raffa is also known for her stunning and very long hair, a living example of argan oil in action.

Habiba was born and raised in Morocco and grew up using natural beauty ingredients every day. As a child, she spent every summer in Southwest Morocco visiting her Grandmother, who introduced her to argan oil. As the only one with curly hair in her family, Habiba often ran away from her mum and the torture tool – the brush. During one of these episodes, Habiba’s grandmother suggested using argan oil – that was the beginning of a healthy, frizz-free (pain-free) hair care journey.

Still, to this day, her thick, strong and moisturised hair is thanks to the ‘miracle liquid gold’ of Argan oil. Having tried to find a good substitute in Asia (and after trying a lot of chemical laden, nice smelling, but poor functioning products) she decided to share her best-kept beauty secrets, and thus Ayelli was born.