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Artisan & Fox

Crystal Clear Power To The People Protect The Planet

Ethically crafted accessories made by artisans across the developing world.


Do you know who made the things you love? Artisan & Fox is casting light on the human stories behind the things we wear, from the majestic Himalayas to the old city of Kabul, Afghanistan.
Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise that connects you to quality handcrafted goods made by talented yet underprivileged artisans in developing nations.


Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise that wants you to #KnowYourArtisan on a personal level. That is why they have created individualised artisan profiles, so you too can be inspired by their stories. Through their lens, you can step into the world of native artisans.
The socially conscious online retailer eschews mass-produced goods made in poor conditions in sweatshops and factories, and lets you feel good by buying good. You will only find ethically responsible individual artisans, small artisan groups and social enterprises on Artisan & Fox. After costs, their artisan partners receive 50% of the profits from your purchase.
Marrying traditional artisanal practices with modern up-cycling techniques, Artisan & Fox encourages their artisan partners to source materials locally and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, such as recycled brass from Kenya and upcycled cowhide bags from Mexico.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Empowering artisans across the developing world to go online and gain access to the global market.
CRYSTAL CLEAR: Raising transparency and sustainability of traditional artisan techniques.
PROTECT THE PLANET: Breaking up with plastic and committing to 100% recyclable and reusable packaging, as well as encouraging their artisans to use local and environmentally friendlier materials.


Laura feels most alive when working on projects of social innovation, particularly related to sustainability and human rights. As a creative design thinker, and she’s currently applying her passion for people through her social enterprises by working on ethical and sustainable fashion projects in Southeast Asia.
Jaron is passionate about sustainable development, particularly through equal access to fair trade and e-commerce. As the co-founder of Artisan & Fox, he leads their social enterprise’s efforts to empower underprivileged artisans in developing countries by connecting them to mindful consumers globally. He hopes to radically transform global retail into a sustainable, ethical and transparent industry.