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Ada perlu

Crystal Clear Protect The Planet

Embracing a modern version of Indonesian batik printing and championing slow fashion and sustainability


Ada perlu is a French brand offering a range of eco-friendly clothes and accessories that have a double, and sometimes even tripe, purpose – think lingerie that doubles up as swimwear! Their products are inspired by traditional Indonesian culture (‘ada perlu’ means ‘a need’ in Bahasa), specifically the traditional practice of Indonesian batik printing. Each item is designed in France and handmade in Bali. The brand, which ships internationally, recently opened a slow concept store in Biarritz, France, complete with a chill-out area and private wellness sessions.


Ada perlu’s vision is to honour the cultural heritage of Indonesian batik printing while having minimal impact on the environment, respecting local workers, and creating colourful, long-lasting products. Their mission is to raise awareness of the impact our daily habits have on the environment and encourage consumers to buy less, but better. In 2021, a part of their collection will continue to be handmade in Bali in order to preserve the local and cultural aspect of batik, but the other part will be handmade in Europe in order to use more certified recycled materials.


Ada perlu uses 100% natural fibres (either organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and bamboo) to create their products, and offers packaging that is both sustainable and traditional (bamboo boxes and burlap pouches). They mostly stick to digital printing to avoid the toxic products and dye wastage involved in traditional printing methods, and their ink is certified Standard 100 by Oekotex. The brand also ensures good working conditions for employees and supports female empowerment.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Ada perlu uses natural materials, offers sustainable packaging, and follows zero waste practices, such as reusing offcuts, in order to look after the environment.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: Ada perlu is open about its supply chain, operating practices, and what it’s working on to ensure transparency across the brand.


Cyrielle Rusch and Marine Bellassee met in Indonesia. Both deeply passionate about travelling, culture, and nature, they realised that they had to take action in order to save the environment. In 2015, they created Ada perlu to fulfil this mission. They both now reside in Basque Country, France.