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Green Is The New Black

Last Minute Random But Awesome Conscious Christmas Gifts

I left Santa gluten-free cookies and organic soy milk and he put a solar panel in my stocking.

Last minute random but beautiful gifts for people in your life. 
Ah crap! There are always a few people we forget to get presents for and the panic last minute shopping begins. But don’t worry, this year we’ve got you covered with some unique, easy to get and conscious gifts for the people you might have forgotten (they’ll never know!) or are still searching for. 
Clothes that change your life 
Shop Here $65-$2000 | Find out more here
Basics are always a good go to but why not add a massive amount of Negative Ions? You know that feeling you get when you are by a waterfall or walking through a beautiful forest and breath deeply? Well, what you’re breathing in is an abundance of negative ions. Wear your wellness with Negative Ion Clothes revolutionary garments that are made to provide your body with the right environment to feel, heal and sleep better. Starting a healthier lifestyle can start as simple as changing your clothes.   
Products for modern holistic living
Shop here $17-$150 | Find out more here
Give a gift that keeps giving! With their wellness and lifestyle products for a balanced life, a gift from An Uplifted Day will shower your friend with good vibes and productivity. From aura mists and anointing oils to the popular ‘The 5-minute journal’ and moon cards, the brand is packed with feel-good things to help make days better. Take your pick of their amazing range of mindful products for anyone on your Christmas list.

Artisan made socially focused jewellery label
Shop here $63-$345| Find out more here
Life is too short to wear boring jewellery. Eden + Elie is a beautiful, local, hand-crafted jewellery brand, who train and work with underprivileged local artisans providing fair and sustainable work.They are also transparent about their supply chain and the sourcing of their suppliers, ensuring that they are ethical and fair-trade through and through. You can even make your own custom necklace for that special someone. Now, that’s a unique gift.

Organic and biodynamic wines
Shop festive offers here $29-$43 | Find out more here
When in doubt, always go with wine! It’s Christmas, the one time it’s acceptable to be an alcoholic, I mean nobody says no to a bottle of wine to get through the festivities, am I right? TTG Wines has the best affordable fine wines from around the world which can’t be bought off the shelves. Not only are they organic and biodynamic, they are also sustainably sourced from small local European farmers. Now that’s a fine wine. 
Eco-friendly and cruelty-free personalised accessories
Shop here $2-$96
What about some fab eco accessories for someone day to day? Holenga has the best eco-chic accessories in Hong Kong. From spectacle cases to luggage tags to passport holders to their signature Eco Can Plus, a bottle made of corn! Not only are their products eco-friendly and cruelty- free, they are also not mass produced to reduce waste. 

Socially and environmentally minded perfume
Shop here $26-$66
Everyone likes a good new scent. A proud Singaporean brand, SIX is an artisanal fragrance brand using Premium ingredients hand-picked sustainably from around the world. With a refillable bottle, SIX reduces waste through packaging by allowing customers to simply refill their bottles. That’s not all, SIX also employs the disabled community giving them a fair and well-paid job. 

Hand poured, natural, soy wax candles
Shop here $18-$120
We all love candles and it’s a perfect gift for literally anyone! Hush Candle’s soy wax candles are only scented with 100% natural essential oils, which not only smell lovely with three classic scents; Lemongrass, Lavender and Rose, but also have therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. 
Positive hand illustrated cards
Shop here $6-$24
Having trouble looking for the perfect quirky card this Christmas? Tinee Dino’s custom-made illustrated cards are perfect for this year’s Christmas cards. Tinee Dino is a tiny vegetarian dinosaur who does all the hip healthy things in the world and wants nothing more than to spread positive vibes with its handmade cards.
This guide is part of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmasclick to see all the guides. Let’s all take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously this Christmas!
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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life.

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