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Green Is The New Black

How to Survive, Thrive & Be Green in Singapore Quarantine with Sophie Sôfrēē

Reading Time: 6 minutes
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Quarantine Singapore sophie sofree

Quarantine: some people’s worst nightmare, being stuck in a hotel room for 14 days and nights, while others see it as a gift, and are using it to thrive. We caught up with Sophie Sôfrēē, to hear about how she more than survived quarantine in Singapore and even managed to green her stay.

Sophie Sôfrēē is an ecstatic dance DJ and teacher, kundalini yoga teacher, and the co-founder of Wakamaia. Here you will find sounds to soothe the soul, art to awaken your vision, and fair trade artisan goods to radiate your beauty. When returning home to Singapore, Sophie recently completed her 14-day quarantine, and she went as far as to say it was amazing. For her, a welcome respite that spawned her creativity, allowed her to go deeper into her practices, and catch up with loved ones. She created her own personal retreat and has shared her experience with us.

If you are returning to Singapore or elsewhere to do quarantine, and are feeling anxious or worrying about spiralling down into a depression – Sophie is here to share her tips on how to thrive and even enjoy this time. Watch her video below and read more below with all the links.

(N.B. A little note from Sophie that this is really designed to support individuals or solo quarantiners, maybe couples… because it is definitely a luxury to be solo vs doing it as a family). 


6 tips on how to survive, thrive and be green in quarantine 

Tip 1. Make it feel like a Home

The biggest question mark I had was “Which hotel are they going to put me in?” (as at this time of writing this we were not allowed to choose our hotel). And of course, all the stories of people saying they did their SHN (stay home notice) at Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands the Fairmont, set hopes and expectations. So if I’m honest, when I first arrived at Hotel Village Katong, after a long day of travel, I felt like I had lost the lottery and did not see how I was going to survive in what felt like a small room for 14 days. 

But alas, a new dawn came, and I realized humans are really good at adapting and I had actually won. I had a balcony with sunshine, and found ways to move furniture around the room to make space for some things that are really important to me – space for my yoga mat, my alter, making it feel like a home.

Tip 2. Ask for help! 

One thing I feel is super helpful to know in advance is that any fantasies of room service or cleaning is out the door. You will be doing your own laundry, making the bed every day, cleaning your room, and dealing with the trash. My room came with a kettle, 2 cups and a mini-fridge, so it became really clear to me from Day 1 that I needed to ask friends and family for support, especially as I wanted to try to do this with as least waste as possible. 

As uncomfortable it can be to sometimes ask for help, it’s essential to feel supported. Here’s a list of things I recommend bringing or asking friends or family for:

– Reusable water bottle – Boil your water every night and fill up your bottle the next morning to save on plastic

– A set of cutlery and a cutting knife – To save 126 pieces of plastic cutlery

– Shampoo & Conditioner – To save on the little plastic hotel bottle

– Sponge, Soap & Drying towel – To do your dishes 

– Hangers & clips and laundry detergent to do your laundry

– Extra small kettle for boiling eggs & soups

– Exercise mats / balls

– Music speakers & HDMI cable

– Journal

– Candle

– Essential Oils

With these items, you can transform a sterile hotel room into a sanctuary of peace. And I want to thank everyone who sent care packages, it makes all the difference. In Singapore, there are mental health services that call every day to check on you, so the invitation is to be vulnerable and ask for help if you aren’t doing well. 

Tip 3. Nature ~ Request for a window or a balcony

Fresh air is also imperative to being a happy human so I’m also sharing this form which asks for assistance prior to your departure, where you can request a balcony or window. I’m a huge fan of plant friends. Not only do bedroom plants have many health benefits, but they also add a nice touch of decor and bright energy to any indoor space. I would also add asking friends and family for a few plants to decorate your space if possible.

Tip 4. Create a morning ritual for yourself 

The difference between routine and ritual is the intention behind it. And creating a morning ritual for your quarantine gives more meaning and purpose to your day. Morning rituals is a period upon awakening where you’re committed to not touching your phone or computer until after you’ve completed it. Because let’s face it, much of our day will be “online” and connected to the rest of the world, but the time before can be sacred for you.

My morning ritual is specific but it included journaling the intentions for my day which made sure there will a healthy dose of gratitude and commitments to moving the body and calling loved ones to let the feel-good endorphins kick in. Every day I committed to movement practice 3 times a day, with Qi Gong in the morning, dance cardio fitness in the afternoon, and a yin practice in the evening. 

Below I share my favourite Morning, Afternoon & Evening classes. 


Qi Gong Basics with Mimi on Gaia

Surya Morning Flow with Clara on Gaia

AM Practice with Clara on Gaia

Morning Meditation with Dr Joe Dispenza on YouTube


30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout with Marnie Alton

45-Minute No Equipment Barre Workout That Fuses Cardio + Toning with Marnie Alton

30-Minute Dancehall Inspired Workout with Ashley

30-Minute Dance Workout with Tanju


Relax & Unwind with Danielle on Gaia

Deep Release Yin Yoga on Gaia 

Guided Evening Meditation with Dr Joe Dispenza

By the way! If you’re someone who loves walking or running, I saw within the SG Quarantine Facebook group that someone also rents out a foldable treadmill which is pretty cool if you have the space.

Tip 5. Nourish to thrive

On the topic of food, I’ve been on a ketogenic diet which is high in fat and low in carbs or sugar, so the government options didn’t work for me. As a person who also has come to hate single-use plastics, I hated the idea of contributing 42 bento single use plastic bento boxes, plus the 126 pieces of cutlery, so I opted out of the food. Which led me on a journey of discovering some amazing restaurants in Singapore which are focused on healthier options and delicious keto desserts like Shake Farm and Living Food Cafe.

A friend also gave me a great tip to check out this re-usable tupperware company called Barepack which is partnered with Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo and delivers your meals in these beautiful reusable containers which you can clean and return at the end of your quarantine. This allowed me to order food guilt-free. I really hope this company succeeds and changes the story of how single plastics are used in Singapore and beyond. 

Tip 6. Indulging in self-care

I’m going to say this word, and it may throw you off, but I’m going to say it anyway, this tip is focused on pleasure. Not pleasure for anyone or with anyone, but pleasure as the energy that helps us feel a sense of our own aliveness, our life force, and connected to your deepest feelings and longings. Perhaps that looks like a dance practice, a self-body massage with oils, eating a delicious desert or drinking a glass of wine, or nourishing foods. Pleasure is the vehicle to purpose, so why not use this time and figure out what is in the highest alignment for you when you come out of quarantine. Which leads me to my final tip…

Tip 7. Pursue your passions

Recognize that it is a rare gift to have time and space like this, that you can finally devote yourself to passion. Perhaps its art, learning how to play the guitar, writing, or an online training. These days we have access to an enormous library of masterclasses on anything from gardening to cryptocurrency, DJ’ing to learning a language or opening your voice. I’ve got a whole list of courses or trainings which are shared with you below. It’s all here, it’s just up to us to choose how we want to live.


200HR Online Fundamental Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training by Carlos Romero & Ellie Freestone

Learn to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ! With Raio & Sophie Sôfrēē

Movement Immersion with Mana Mei

Gardening Masterclass with Ron Finley

Yoga For Mums with Ellie Freestone

50hrs Online Training. Where Yoga meets Traditional Chinese Medicine with Daniela Mandala

Create an Online Course with Sarah Cordiner

Feminine Power with Layla El Khadri

Creative Photography with Pete Longworth

The Art of Storytelling with Neil Gaiman

Free Your Voice with Jess Magic

Journeys of Embodiment with Malaika Darville

Women: Unlock the Super Powers of your Menstrual Cycle with Bex Tyrer

Super Man: Understand her Menstrual Cycle for deeper intimacy & connection with Bex Tyrer

Living Turned On with Lila Darville 

Breathwork Classes & Trainings with Christabel Zamor


Good luck to all of you, I hope you these tips and resources help you Survive, Thrive & Be Green in quarantine and beyond.


Connect and learn more about Sophie Sôfrēē, on Instagram, listen on Soundcloud, read about Wakamaia


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