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Green Is The New Black

How Nespresso Singapore is Working on Sustainability

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Little did you know that the last drop isn’t the last use. Through a partnership with Sky Greens in Singapore, Nespresso capsules are being given a second life. Here’s how…


Coffee capsules have been getting a lot of slack lately. Now while companies like Nespresso are not perfect, they are taking strides in the right direction, making their products more circular and sustainable. So, Nespresso Singapore is furthering its dedication to prove its commitment to sustainability, quality, and meaningful coffee experiences. Globally, Nespresso’s recycling rate stands at approximately 27.7% and Singapore hugely contributes to this figure.


In fact, the brand has been recycling in Switzerland since 1991. Today they have solutions in 53 countries with more than 10,000 collection points. This has enabled 92% of consumers to recycle globally. The company also works with more than 100,000 farmers in 13 countries through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. This is to embed sustainability practices on farms and the surrounding landscapes. Here is how Nespresso is leading the sustainability game in Singapore.




Nespresso capsules that a customer is returning to one of the many touchpoints in Singapore 

Through their One Pod At A Time campaign

For its fourth year running, the One Pod At A Time sustainability campaign encourages coffee drinkers to adopt both sustainable and responsible living as part of their everyday routines. The campaign also shows consumers how to continue to recycle their used capsules and how their efforts go a long way. The brand wants to see all Nespresso drinkers be part of the movement.

To showcase the recycling efforts in Singapore, a video led by sustainability advocates and Nespresso Tastemakers, Paul Foster and Charlotte Mei was launched. It was to show the benefits of used coffee grounds that are separated from the aluminium capsules and composted to grow fresh and organic produce at Sky Greens. Watch the video below:


Through its robust recycling network

In Singapore, Nespresso is making it even easier to give their used capsules a second life. A robust recycling collection network allows coffee lovers to return their used Nespresso capsules through various convenient touchpoints. For instance, Nespresso Recycling Points or at home via the [email protected] So, drinkers can hand their used Nespresso capsules to the deliveryman when their latest Nespresso delivery arrives. Hence, recycling pods are easy and accessible. The aluminium casings are melted and made into new everyday objects. For example, Caran d’Ache pens, Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, bicycle frames and more.


A recycling bag of Nespresso pods is passed to a Nespresso Boutique

Through its partnership with Sky Greens

Since the start of Nespresso Singapore’s sustainable journey, it has partnered with Sky Greens. Sky Greens is the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm that uses coffee grounds from recycled Nespresso capsules. So, they turn these grounds into a nutrient mix used to grow organic produce, such as mini Cai Xin and Xiao Bai Cai (Pak Choy). As such, Nespresso has once again renewed this commitment in an effort to make all parts of its pods sustainable.


“We are excited to continue to deliver innovative solutions to urban agriculture in land-scarce Singapore,” said Jack Ng, Chief Executive Officer at Sky Greens. “This partnership with Nespresso to reuse recycled coffee grounds into our compost mix not only ensures minimal wastage of food resources but also has a low-carbon efficiency and is one that is extremely cost-efficient.”



By empowering its employees through social initiatives

Nespresso Singapore knows that their efforts need to start at the core, and that means with their employees. As such. all employees have been participating in workshops hosted by Sky Greens that teaches them how to harvest their own fresh veggies and bring them home to prepare local dishes.


Learn more about Nespresso’s One Pod At A Time campaign here


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