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Hong Kong’s Plant-Based Bastion Christian Mongendre Rises From The Ashes

For Christian Mongendre, staying under-the-radar wasn’t an option. From early beginnings at Mana! Fast Slow Food through to HOME Eat to Live, his beliefs have been deeply ingrained in pure, healthy, energetic, consciousness-raising food. This was further impassioned by the healing quality of food stemming from his mother’s struggle with cancer. He wasn’t about to let that go…..


You may recognize the name Christian G. Mongendre. Having co-founded Hong Kong’s iconic Mana! Fast Slow Food and the hugely popular HOME Eat to Live not longer after, Christian was one of the leading faces of Hong Kong’s plant-based movement. That is until HOME Eat to Live closed almost overnight in 2016, and he withdrew from the Hong Kong food scene almost entirely. In between bouts of withdrawals, Hong Kongers shed a tear to be sure. Since then, we haven’t heard much from Christian until seemingly out of nowhere he announced a brand new concept. On the cutting edge of technology, TREEHOUSE embodies conscious eating with the spirit of connecting back to nature.


The new venture promises to be a fast-casual venue where food will be made to order but still ready within moments to take-away or dine-in. Built around the theme of being one with nature, Christian’s new venture looks to be not only a catalyst for mindful eating and sustainability but also a way to healthfully connect people with the planet.


“Our rude awakening in the anthropocene has created a need for an alternative and encouraging path forward – an uplifting space to help us reconnect with nature and flourish as we live in this moment,” says the team behind TREEHOUSE. “Through nourishing food and a mindful environment, TREEHOUSE  is a gentle reminder that change starts with us.”


Opening in September in the heart of Central, TREEHOUSE nods to the green movement with a taste of our future. The all-day restaurant features a stimulating plant-based menu that’s “accidentally” vegan/vegetarian without compromising on taste and through its dishes, you’ll see the wholesome future of dining: sustainable, ethical, modern and fast.


If you just can’t wait to find out what TREEHOUSE is all about (and you want to know what happened on his journey to now), join us for an exclusive Facebook Live on Tuesday 27th August, 7pm Hong Kong (GMT+8) where Christian will dive into:


> His journey in the plant-based world for the last decade
> What happened in 2016 and where he’s been since then
> How we’ve lost touch and how we can find what has been lost
> His new cutting edge concept and vision for the world
> Why the food and beverage industry needs a major paradigm shift to end the global health crisis


Register for the Facebook Live here and connect with TREEHOUSE online here.