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Green Is The New Black

Heura is the Spanish Start-Up Seeking to Reinvent Chicken in Asia by Making it Meatless

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Heura calls themselves a 21st-century butcher shop, and we couldn’t agree more. The new era of meat is plant-based, and Heura has been busy revolutionizing the food industry in Europe. And now they’re rolling their products out in Asia…

Millennials may get a lot of slack for eating too many avocados, but their interest in all things green-coloured coupled with their zest for life (and early 20s energy) is resulting in some pretty innovative changes to the way the world works—and Heura is further testament to that.

Heura by Foods for Tomorrow is a multi-talented team of 30 people from Barcelona who share common values and the desire to change the food system towards a new, more just, and sustainable model. “We are rebels with a cause. We believe in a better world, and we are working to make it a reality.”

The clean-labelled chicken successor (yes, Heura see their product as being more than an alternative) has picked Singapore as its first destination in Asia and the Grand Hyatt as its first establishment.

“Choosing Singapore as the first Asia launch for Heura was an easy decision,” Jerome Pagnier, Managing Director International for Heura by Foods for Tomorrow. “Supported by its market maturity, environmental awareness, its focus on food innovation, and health-conscious audience, the city has become the heart of Food Technology and Alternative Proteins in Asia thanks to Grand Hyatt Singapore and Green Monday Singapore’s sustained pioneering efforts.”

In case you’re wary of yet another tofu tasting patty that’s meant to taste like meat, Huera is apparently close enough to chicken in texture and taste that even legendary Spanish restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca is using it in its fine-dining options.

Here is everything you need to now about Heura’s Asian invasion:

Why Heura is good for you

Some people argue that eating meat itself is sometimes healthier than the alternative, which contains a long, long list of ingredients. Heura, on the other hand, offers the experience of animal protein with all the benefits of vegetables. As a result of their “clean label” policy, their products are gluten-free, low in saturated fats, have zero cholesterol, are made with sunflower oil (not contain coconut oil), and don’t contain any preservatives or dyes. They are also high in protein, low in saturated fat, and are high in fibre, iron and vitamin B12. The protein also packs a lot of magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Why Heura is good for the environment

Heura says that production of their products use vastly fewer resources and leaves less of an ecological footprint than the production of meat. Heura uses a whopping 94% less water in the production of its proteins than it would take for the same amount of beef. In addition to that, while beef requires 20kgs of cereals and legumes whole Heura proteins requires only 0.5kgs of feed, hugely reducing the level of carbon emissions and amount of land needed when compared to livestock. Globally, the total area used to feed livestock is equivalent to about 26% of the world’s total land area, that is, 75-80% of all agricultural land.

Try the Mediterranean Heura Grilled Chicken Panini in Singapore

Where and when to try it

From September 12 – 15 at the Grand Hyatt Singapore in collaboration with Green Monday, you’ll find a Heura food truck along the hotel’s driveway where diners can try a Mediterranean Heura Grilled Chicken Panini and Grilled Heura Tortilla at an introductory price of SG$8. From September 16 onwards, the above items will be part of the permanent menu at Oasis in the Grand Hyatt menu, with more Heura items like the Sichuan WokFried Heura Chicken and Thai Green Curry with Heura Chicken at the Grand Hyatt Singapore’s flagship restaurant mezza9. To celebrate the launch of Heura, on September 14 from 6pm till 10pm. the hotel will also be throwing a vegan BBQ experience at its poolside alfresco restaurant with Green Monday Singapore. The menu will feature a selection of fresh organic greens and plant-based options including vegan wines and cheeses.

Who are Heura anyway

Heura by Foods for Tomorrow is a Barcelona company founded in 2017 whose mission is to change the food system by offering 100% sustainable, nutritious, but above all, delicious vegetable options. Their way of promoting better foods is to make them irresistible. Heura also offer other products like Mediterannean Chunks, Spiced Chunks, Spiced Tacos, Heura Pizza, and a Heura Burger. Here are six things you should know about Heura:


1. Main goal: revolutionize plant-based proteins
2. Two times more protein than the egg
3. Flavour References: Original, Spiced and Mediterranean Times
4. Four times more iron than spinach
5. Five minutes in the pan and it is ready to eat
6. Six times more fibre than tofu


Visit the Grand Hyatt Singapore at 10 Scotts Road to try out Heura’s meatless “chicken”.

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