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Green Is The New Black

Healthy Snack Brands in Singapore For Guilt-Free Eats & Drinks

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When you’re looking for a guilty-pleasure snack, you’re probably grabbing for those chocolate bars or bag of chips. But as you toil in the office or Netflix and chill, what you need is a quick and easy fix that is healthy yet delicious. This guide is your go-to guide for guilt-free snacking in Singapore.

We rounded up our fave healthy snack and drink brands in Singapore, that are good for you and certainly leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.


1. Oh My Goodness!

Natural baked goods

Shop now | Find out more here

What began as a personal journey through her own health and wellness, Ramya and her team are on a mission to make gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free Goodness available, accessible and affordable, without ever compromising on taste, texture or quality. They make vegan bakes that are moist, delicious and good for you. Most of their Goodness is completely grain-free and paleo-friendly, too. So no matter your allergy or diet choice, Oh My Goodness! has something for all of you.

What’s available: chocolate cake, vegan cake, gluten-free bread, zucchini banana bread, breakfast cookies, pandan cake.

Order online or grab in person at Goodness Me! at Clifford Centre. 


2. Le Fruit

Fresh fruit juice from farm to your doorstep

Shop now | Find out more here

Based in Vietnam but ships to Singapore, Le Fruit is a conscious brand that helps the regional community. They first build trust with local Vietnamese food growers before developing long-term relationships with them that are transparent. With their production area very close to the farmers, their dedication to this close relationship is promised. They also made a conscious choice to produce only 100% natural products – that’s right, no preservatives, no chemicals, no GMO and no artificial flavoring.

What’s available: organic juices and jams.



3. MyMaha

Vegan superfoods for the everyday hustler

Shop now | Find out more here

Own your health with superfoods brought to you by MyMaha. All of their products are vegan, plant-based and do not use any additives, fillers or chemicals – making them the perfect green health foods hero we all need. Combining high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients from East and West, MyMaha strives to create premium products, blends, and food recognized as both healthy and uncompromisingly sustainable.

What’s available: superfood granola, detox tea, matcha, green superfood supplement.

Order online or grab in person here


4. Bushwick Biotech

Locally brewed kombucha and milk kefir

Shop now | Find out more here

Bushwick Biotech produces a line of naturally handcrafted beverages such as Kombucha and milk kefir. Their products are chockfull of good stuff like probiotics that are made locally, and organic whenever possible. These probiotics help you maintain a healthy gut, that can help you improve digestion, inflammation and even weight loss – one word, wow.

What’s available: Kombucha, grass-fed milk kefir, turmeric elixir, vegan probiotic cold-brewed Bulletproof coffee.

Order online or grab in person at Farrer Park


5. Made Real

From soil to table, real health snacks

Shop now | Find out more here

Made Real is one of the realest health food e-stores you can find delivering snack boxes right to your door or desk. Advocating for a more wholesome lifestyle that balances healthy eating and helpful exercise, they want to promote good nutrition, an active lifestyle by creating a community that is positive and supportive. With 90% of their products being vegan, they have something for a myriad of diets.

What’s available: nut, seeds, dried fruits, granola, cookies, pops.

Order online. 


6. Oatly

Nutritious liquid gold designed for humans

Shop now | Find out more here

For your morning cuppa or bowl of granola, meet Oatly. Not only are they packed full of nutritious goodness, your mornings can now be even more eco-friendly. Their diverse range of products have maximum nutritional value with minimal environmental impact. You can also find your local serving up their oat milk with their map. 

What’s available: oat milk, chocolate oat drink, other flavored oat drinks.

Order online or in person at Cold Storage, Fairprice, Qoo10, Origins Online and Redmart.


7. Popaganda

Healthier frozen juicy popsicles

Shop now | Find out more here

With a name as witty as this, you can bet that they’re a creative and quirky bunch with a mission to bring deliciousness to your eyes and tummy. Take a bite out of their popsicles and you know that it’s good in every way with frozen treats that are sustainably sourced, organic and local ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring is used, they are dairy-free and 100% vegetarian. Like they say, life’s too short to skip dessert!

What’s available: Over 10 flavours of healthy popsicles.

Order online or find a stockist. 

8. Boxgreen

Your guide to healthy snacking

Shop now | Find out more here

If you’d like some munchies in the office, they’ve got it. Catered to a variety of diets, Boxgreen seems to have it all. With a blog packed full of informative and quirky posts about eating well, understanding your diet and superfoods, they’re your guide to better eating. With subscription packs, you can never have an easier time eating good.

What’s available: Over 50 types of snacks, from mixes to chips to granola.

Order online or grab in person at their vending machine in the heart of CBD at the OUE link bridge!


9. Mahota Commune

Building a community for good

Shop now | Find out more

A brand that is reaching for the good life – one where we co-exist in harmony with our environment. Mahota Commune is a one-stop shop for almost all your grocery needs. It is a place where you can gather over good food, learn new skills and make new friends. You can find an ohana in Mahota.

What’s available: organic fruit and vegetables, everything from cleaning products to pasta to snacks.

Visit the store in Lavender or Tampines.  


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*Photos are taken from the respective company’s Facebook page

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An environmentalist, avid baker, and a dreamer with a goal to open the world of conscious living and responsible consumerism to Singaporeans and hopefully the rest of the world! She’s currently an undergraduate who’s hungry for an exciting adventure - or mostly just hungry. She hopes that by the time she graduates, she can help herself and her community leave green footsteps on this Earth we call home.