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Green Is The New Black

Green is the New Black 2017: Everything you need to know about the TALKS

Grab your tickets, stat! We’ve rounded up a day of game-changing chatter from inspirational change-makers and thought leaders from Asia and beyond. The TALKS comprise three transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights that will empower you to change your life. Through inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, and action kits, we’ll take you on a journey that will enable you to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.  

This year, our talks revolve around three tracks: mind, earth, and consumption. And we’ve lined up 15 incredible speakers who will engage, motivate, and inspire. Feel free to mix and match your tracks, or join us for the whole day. To help you decide, here’s the full lowdown on this year’s TALKS.

Mind: Filling up your own cup first (10:30am – 12:45pm)

In an emergency situation, it is important to place your own mask on first – because if you pass out, what use are you to anyone else? The same is true in everyday life, and in this track we’ll explore and focus on prioritising your own well-being. Our speakers will inspire you to start making positive change through three empowering sessions:

  • How to be consciously selfish so you can give more
  • Converting life’s lemons
  • Getting conscious – how to stop overthinking and come alive

You’ll hear from HayHouse author Dr. Ali Walker, positive psychologist Anoushka Beh, and corporate psychologist Bhali Gill.

Earth: A plastic wave, it’s coming for us (1:15pm – 3:30pm)

It’s official: 8-million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans each year polluting every corner of the earth. Worryingly, most of it is coming from Asia. But it’s not too late to help turn the tide in the war against plastic. Our panel of experts will enlighten us about things we can all do to reduce our plastic footprint in three powerful sessions:

  • Learn about our plastic ocean
  • Creating positive footprints
  • Plastic-free parenting and living

Our speakers include award-winning journalist, television presenter, and director of A Plastic Ocean, Craig Leeson, and author, motivator, and founder of Orca Scuba, Jeroen van der Waal.

Consumption: Our favourite F word: Food (4:00pm – 6:15pm)

Discover how to thrive daily by fuelling your body with the right food. You are what you eat; learn how your life can change through adapting your diet. Our three illuminating foodie sessions will focus on:

  • Mindful eating with food meditation
  • Climatarian? Flexitrian? What is the future of food?
  • Reading your body to live with maximum vitality

We’ve lined up the founder of Live For Vitality, Andrea Paige, Director of EarthFest and Animal Allies, Michael Broadhead, and Founding Director of Bushwick Biotech, Daniel Gerick, to share their expertise.
To find out more about all our speakers, take a look here.

The ticket situation

Our TALKS are popular and we have limited spaces for each track, be sure to snap up a pass in advance  to ensure you don’t miss out. You can purchase a pass to attend one track ($55), two tracks ($70), or purchase an all-access pass ($90) to dip in and out of all our talks, all day long. Book your tickets here.

What to expect

Our TALKS are interactive and we actively encourage you to get involved through participation and asking questions. There’s also the chance to network with like-minded individuals at the end of each session. Come armed with enthusiasm, and we promise by the time you leave, you’ll be enlightened, motivated, and ready to unleash your most magnificent self to the world so that you can play an even bigger game, make more impact and embrace your most fulfilled, green life.
Written by Sally Shoult, co-founder of Content Lab: the storytelling agency that helps brands build emotional connections with humans through written, social, and video content.

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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life. Previously she spent four years working for an international events agency, planning luxury events and fashion weeks around the region. As a third culture kid, she’s fascinated by other people and is always seeking new experiences.

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