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Green Is The New Black

GITNB’s Most Read Stories Of 2020

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most read articles 2020 green is the new black

Well, it’s certainly been a year for the history books. And while it’s been a rollercoaster we are grateful to all of you, our community for sticking with us. So here are your most read articles in 2020: from vegan food to sustainable gifts to climate justice to random things that contain plastic. A little something for almost everyone.

What a year, am I right? COVID-19 turned the world upside down and inside out. We saw clear waterways in Venice, animals creeping into the streets, but we also saw devastating fires in Australia (yes, that was this year… feels like a lifetime ago!) and floods ripping through Indonesia. Oh and we took our Conscious Festival Virtual! With governments making carbon-neutral declarations left, right and centre, and a new administration in the US, we’re hoping for a better 2021.

Until then, here are the articles you most enjoyed in 2020.


1. The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

The fact that this is our most-read article for 2020 makes us smile over here at GITNB. Diet change, not climate change as they say. New diets and dining has gone mainstream and we couldn’t be happier about it. We update this list every few months, so bookmark it now, and come back when looking for your next veggie or plant-based fix.


2. 10 crazy but cool inventions that are solving the world’s environmental problems

Weird and wonderful inventions that are making the planet better? Oh yes, we can see why this snagged the second spot. From a smog vacuum cleaner to a lamp powered by saltwater to cutlery you can eat – its a very eclectic yet fascinating list. 


3. Jo Lorenz: on climate denialism, intersectional justice & giving a f

You know those people who deny climate change but then pop panadol for a headache or viagra for… you know what for. Well, they are picking and choosing science when it’s convenient for them. Something that Jo Lorenz unpacks, along with climate justice, how to be anti-racist and moving beyond performative allyship in this interview. Which you can also listen to on the pod here.


4. How To Recycle in Singapore (In a Nutshell)

For our Singapore friends, if you’ve ever stood at the blue bin scratching your head over what can or can’t be recycled (and then spend hours wondering what happens once all the trash is picked up), we hear you. So here’s our big green guide to waste disposal in Singapore.


5. 10 Surprising Things That Contain Plastic

Some of these really shocked us too! It’s scary how plastic has infiltrated itself into our what we wear, what we put on in and in our bodies, and event what falls out of the sky. While not all plastic is bad (it certainly has its important uses), the idea that its ‘disposable’ is one of the biggest cons in our lifetime.


6. Sustainable corporate gifts that will surprise and delight

A great way to show appreciation for your clients or colleagues. From more experiential gifts that actually grow to daily stables – we rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly ways to say thank you. Much better than the typical or even sterile normal corporate branded goods, these ideas show heart and support social enterprises. 


7. Dharavi: The circular economy of Asia’s largest slum

Can you believe the Dharavi slum in India has a $1billion circular economy? This article unpacks that and how they are implementing very interesting practises that are good for the community and the planet. 


8. Best sustainable hotels in Singapore

Singapore is often said to be a ‘city in a garden’, these hotels echo that throughout. Eco-tourism and sustainability criteria are on the rise, and with the vast array of options, you can choose a hotel partner that matches your values and ethics easier than ever.


9. Lockdown Eats: Plant-Based Food Delivery & Veggie Box Ideas

Safe to say that our community loves food, plant-based food at that. A second entry in the top 10 for delicious veggie boxes that you can get delivered to your doorstep. Makes sense in the bizarre year we’ve had. And one trend we hope to continue seeing.


10. Ethical clothing brands that’ll make you a green fashionista

We’re sure we don’t have to say it again, but the fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting and socially corrups. So if you’re looking for a way to spruce your wardrobe but while keeping your hands clean and footprints light, check out this list of some of our favourite eco-chic clothing brands. 


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