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Green Is The New Black

GITNB’s Most Read Stories Of 2019

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woman standing in a garden

Here’s the eclectic mix of what you read the most in 2019: from sustainable gifts and crazy eco-inventions to the circular economy of Asia’s largest slum and Singapore’s sustainable hotels.

A lot has happened this year: Greta Thunberg exploded on to the world stage and rallied the youth in global climate strike marches. The Amazon went up in smoke. Eco-Anxiety levels went through the roof. We travelled to the Arctic and threw the biggest ever Conscious Festival’s in Hong Kong and Singapore. And we’ve written a ton of content. Here are the articles you most enjoyed in 2019.


1. 10 crazy but cool inventions that are solving the world’s environmental problems

From cutlery you can eat to lights powered by algae, you loved reading about all of the remarkable inventions that are helping solve the climate crisis. But one of our favourite devices this year is not on the list (yet; we’ll update soon!). Boyan Slat’s System 001/B is now successfully capturing and collecting plastic debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 


2. Sustainable corporate gifts that will surprise and delight

It turns out you lot are all very appreciative of your colleagues and clients. We rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly ways to say thank you. From planting trees to race entry, these ideas are far more thoughtful than cliche branded mugs.


3. Ethical clothing brands that’ll make you a green fashionista

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a gazillion times: the fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting. So it’s no surprises we’re all trying to keep things chic while also going green. These top clothing brands are always our first port of call when we need something new.


4. Green Warriors 2018

You love our Green Warriors almost as much as we do! These 30 inspirational humans from across Asia are leading the charge when it comes to protecting our planet. If you need a dash of hope, have a read of this.


5. Your guide to organic, all-natural beauty brands

Because we all need to look after our skin living in the tropics. Our sustainable beauty brands round-up was a hit with everyone looking to keep their faces in tip-top condition, minus any nasties.


6. How to have a zero-waste Christmas

Christmas is the best, but all of the extra rubbish and wrapping sucks. You guys agree and have been busy figuring out how to have an equally brilliant festive season sprinkled with eco-friendly magic.


7. Dharavi: The circular economy of Asia’s largest slum

In one of our more surprising articles of the year, we shone a spotlight on the Dharavi slum in India and its unbelievable $1billion circular economy. Mind. Blowing.


8. How to recycle in Singapore in a nutshell

Singapore’s landfill is due to be full by 2030. So everyone needs to know these handy hints, tips, and tricks that will get you up to speed on all of the basics of recycling (and hopefully prevent less rubbish going straight to the grave).


9. Zero-waste brands helping you go plastic-free in Hong Kong and Singapore

Excellent shops and brands where you’ll find everything in zero-waste form. 


10. Best sustainable hotels in Singapore

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury hotels in Singapore. But we rounded up those who have upped the ante when it comes to sustainability.


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