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Green Is The New Black

GAIA World Tour: A Global 30-Hour Live Stream Digital Event

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GAIA World tour

The GAIA World Tour is set to live stream 30-hours of non-stop content on biodiversity featuring scientists, artists, activists, and citizens. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably missed us wittering on about the Virtual Conscious Festival (get your tickets here, folks). But there’s another virtual event on the block (which we’re also excited to be a part of). And it’s happening this very weekend: The GAIA World Tour.

To coincide with World Environment Day on 5 June, this unprecedented initiative has been created courtesy of L’Effet Papillon, Atmosphères Festival, 4myplanet, Humanité et Biodiversité, L’Institut des Futurs souhaitables, OneHome, On est prêt! Small Island Big Song, Spark News et Wild Immersion, and (of course) Green Is The New Black!

Spill… what is it?

The GAIA World Tour brings together some of the world’s most eminent scientists, artists, activists and citizens for 30-hours of non-stop, live-streamed content on all things biodiversity. Diverse topics ranging from animal intelligence to the blue economy, and stardust to native populations, activism, and consciousness will be dissected. Expect inspiring conversations aplenty.

The line-up is epic. Big names include Jane Goodall (world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist), Gunter Pauli (AKA the Steve Jobs of sustainability), Thomas Lovejoy (the ‘Godfather’ of biodiversity), and Hubert Reeves (Canadian astrophysicist and one of the world’s foremost experts on the Big Bang). Here’s the full line-up; it’s banging.

The festival kicks off with hosts in Brazil, before travelling through Asia, the Pacific Islands, the U.S.A., Guadeloupe, and Europe. Chase the content as it travels across borders and boundaries. And if you’re really hardcore, we say go big and do the full 30-hour marathon.

The essentials

Tune in on Facebook or YouTube to catch the proceedings. From 6pm (CET), Friday 5 June to 12am (CET) Sunday 7 June, expect 30 hours of non-stop content from across the globe streamed live to your device du jour. It’s that simple; tune in, listen up.

Why is this event happening?

When we think about climate change it can often feel like tackling it is an insurmountable challenge. Or an existential threat so vast that we as individuals cannot influence the inevitable outcome. The GAIA World Tour aims to unite people from around the world to prove there are multiple synergies actively forming across a global network. And they are making real, positive change. Expect to be inspired.

And GITNB is getting in on the action…

Obvs. On Saturday 6 June from 2pm – 5pm (CET), we’ve lined up three panels of brilliant humans to chat oceans, #LittleGreenSteps, and the food industry. Hear from the likes of Doug Woodring (Director and Co-Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance), Sean Lee-Davies (filmmaker, entrepreneur and an avid conservationist), Katrina Razon (Founder of Wonderfruit), and Vikas Garg (founder and CEO of abillionveg), Rebecca Cappelli (Director of Let Us Be Heroes), and more. We’ll see you there.

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