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Green Is The New Black

Mother’s Day: A Guide to Shopping Consciously for the Superwoman in Your Life

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the superwoman in your life – so why not give her a little something extra?

To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world. 

Sure it’s easy to pick out the perfect gift but what about considering a more conscious gift that’s both thoughtful of your mum and mindful of the environment at the same time? To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of our top conscious gift ideas that will both surprise and delight while still doing your part for people and the planet. Everything we picked out will ensure the superwomen in your life will feel supported, from ideas that will help her relax, feel glam, or have an explosion of tantalizing tastes. You’re welcome.




Breath clean with these non-toxic candles

(SGD $25–$50 | HKD $144-288)

Shop here l Read more here

Candles are always a win – they last for ages and will fill the room with soothing scents time and time again. But make sure you pick up natural candles so that your mum can breathe clean, like these non-toxic, phthalate-free and, lead-free candles that are made from 100% natural soy wax. Also, how cute are these reusable candle holders? If you want to really wow your mum, you can up and the ante and send her to one of their candle making workshops.



Sustainable textiles + comfort for that self-care Sunday feeling every day

(SGD $15-218 | HKD $86-1,255)

Shop here l Read more here

A gift doesn’t get any more luxe than a beautiful special care pack so that mum can sleep in sheer sustainable comfort. By ordering from Sunday Bedding, you can get your order in time for Mother’s Day and get a free handwritten note in a superwoman card. To add to that, another feel extra good is that Sunday Bedding is donating 5% of all net proceeds for the month of May to BABES, a non-profit organisation that offers assistance and support to pregnant teenagers.



Towels (and other lifestyle products) made of locally harvested bamboo

(SGD $11-312 | HKD $65-1800)

Shop here l Read more here

We use towels every day, so you should never skimp and always have the very best and that starts with a set of Bamboa’s silky soft bamboo towels that double are a perfect Mother Day’s gift. Bamboo fibers are super in their own right – they are three times more durable than cotton, are anti-bacterial (which means they won’t get smelly) and get even softer over time. Wrap us up!




Ethical and striking resort dresses

(SGD $79-169 | HKD $455-975)

Shop here l Read more here

Make your mum’s day a little more beautiful with these elegant pieces made with care and love – for the makers and the planet. From sustainable fabrics to herbal dyes to empowering families of artisans, your mum will look and feel good. 

Get 10% off online purchases from the 6th-12th May using the code GITNBMD19



Artisan-made, socially-focused jewellery label

(SGD $130 | HKD $745)

Shop here l Read more here

All that glistens is gold. And your mum deserves to feel like gold. Enter the Andromeda stud earrings by Eden + Ellie, their most intricate petite earrings yet. Each pair has been hand woven with the finest 24k gold-coated seed beads that are paired with Swarovski crystals. Add a touch of timeless elegance to any outfit. 



The perfect silk kimono – slow fashion for a capsule wardrobe

(SGD $298 | HKD $1,715)

Shop here l Read more here

Something elegant for any body shape, this silk crepe chiffon kimono can glide over any outfit or make a perfect throw for by the pool. Formal enough to be evening wear, casual enough to use as a nightgown and sexy enough to wear at any festival (if your mum is so inclined). And the armholes are cut to the elbow, so there won’t be any sleeves accidentally ending up in soup. 

Pssst – get 20% off when you sign up for their newsletter. 



Give the gift of choice with a sustainable swimwear voucher

Shop here l Read more here

With summer around the corner, it’s a good time to get your mum a sustainable swimsuit and where better to look than Ubu Swimwear. They also have divine Turkish towels which can be used as a towel, a cover-up, a wrap, a blanket, a picnic mat, or a table cover…so that might count as like 6 presents in one?!



The treads of travel and clean design

Shop here l Read more here

Treat your mum for her travels with a comfy basic Palm love top. Crafted in organic cotton khadi, hand embroidered with palm motifs, this is one top bound to get her into the adventure mood. Every piece is lovingly made in India with sustainable fabrics, creating beautiful clothes that don’t harm our beautiful planet and it’s people.



Vegan, clean & green colour in a plastic-free tube

(SGD $35 | HKD $200)

Shop here l Read more here

Surprise your mum with a splash of pop with these handcrafted, plastic-free cosmetics made from nature. All their products are coconut based with an undertone of doing good. They design with zero waste in mind and want to harness products using only what nature provides. And they also look after the communities they work with. All around sunshine in a tube.



The joy of personalised skincare

(SGD $98 | HKD $565)

Shop here

The answer to your mum’s skincare might just be a personalised skincare regime that’s also out with mass-produced bottles that harm the planet. Get a ‘mum and me duo’ for any personalised skincare product and get the second one at 50% off. If you pick a personalised skincare, they will add a super mum gift card for your loved one.




Ethically made heart chakra necklace

(SGD $135 | HKD $780)

Shop here l Read more here

Express your love to mum with this meaningful heart chakra necklace by FLO JEWELLERY. The heart chakra represents the center for love, compassion, higher consciousness, and spirituality. The balance point for all seven chakras, it governs our relationships and how we interact with them. The Heart Chakra Necklace is available in sterling silver, rose gold and 18K yellow gold plated sterling silver, complete with an extension chain. 




Cannabinoid botanicals to combat lack of sleep and pains

(SGD $226 | HKD $1300)

Shop here l Read more here

Whether it’s to aid sleeping, manage chronic pain and migraines, or to maintain overall wellness – Heavens Please’s tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, sweet orange, and hops, and is perfect for evening use. Give your mum the gift of restful sleep and ache free movement with Yuyo Botanics – PM Formula.

Use the code MOTHER for a 15% discount before the 12th May



Gourmet taste, conscious life

(SGD $15.50+ | HKD $90)

Shop here l Read more here


Something a little sweet for your sweet mother could be Trigona honey, medicinal honey made from stingless bees. Compared to regular honey, this one packs a more citrussy-sweet taste. It has high antibacterial properties (tested to be twice as effective at killing bad bacteria compared to Manuka honey), which is good in boosting immunity, and very low sugar (only 17%). 



Gourmet, wholesome and healthy food, made in Singapore

(SGD $4-90 | HKD $23-518)

Shop here l Read more here

Help your mum feel her best through healthy, delicious and real food with The Whole Kitchen. All their products are made from natural ingredients that are free of gluten, additives, and always low in sugar from natural unrefined sources. Browse their exciting flavours of muffins, raw balls, cakes, nut mixes, and bread – a little conscious snack for all taste buds.

Until May 12th, get 10% OFF storewide and free tote bag when you enter MOTHERSDAY2019 at checkout

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