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The TALKS at The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black return for the fifth year

We’ve walked on the moon…why can’t we solve climate change?
If you have felt the twinge of eco-anxiety, the twang of disempowerment, or are a little lost trying to navigate your way through sustainability — we’re right there with you. While we may feel pessimistic when faced with the facts and reality of the world we live in, we are optimistic that our actions and humanity can change this around.

As living beings who want to stay alive, and make the world a better place for generations to come; The Conscious Festival is a space to encourage open dialogue, connection, community and growth. You can expect to hear from experts in their fields, meet the inspiring business owners working tirelessly to change the game, and walk away armed with #LittleGreenSteps that will carry you forward in your journey towards a more sustainable life.

Four transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights will empower you to make changes in your life. Listen and learn through inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, wellness breaks, and action kits — everything you need to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.

Explore the sessions



[SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER, 10:50 AM – 1:30 PM]

One of the biggest threats to mankind is not climate change but our ability to collaborate to fight against it. This ability is hindered by a few things, including the fact that our brain finds it difficult to process something as intangible and complex as climate change. There is also our ego that stands in the way of fighting the long fight ahead. In this session, we will delve into topics like fighting against apathy and the ‘it’s too late’ mindset, how we need to connect deeper with ourselves before we can connect deeper with the planet, why empowering women is key to mitigating climate change, and more.

Speakers include:

Christine Amour-Levar — adventurer, explorer and founder of Women on a Mission and Her Planet Earth,

Nicole Yau — Transformation Change Management, and many more.


Christine Amour-Levar


Founder & CEO
HER Planet Earth

Christine Amour-Levar is a French-Swiss-Filipina Philanthropist, Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Author. She grew up between Manila, Paris and Tokyo and is currently based in Singapore, where she lives with her husband and four children. A passionate advocate of women’s leadership and empowerment, Christine set up two non-profit organisations: ‘Women on a Mission'(WOAM) in 2012 to support and empower women who have been subjected to violence and abuse, and ‘HER Planet Earth’ in 2017 to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged women affected by climate change.

Yana Fry


Go Awake & YanaTV

Yana is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, accredited life coach and an experienced group facilitator.
YanaTV is a platform to have heart-to-heart conversations with people who have accomplished incredible things; discussing how they did it, and why. You won’t find any small talk here, just enlightening discussions about big subjects: Success, Overcoming Fears, Being of Service, Building Happiness, Mastering Communication, Increasing Awareness, Elevating Consciousness, Impacting The World, and much more!

Nicole Yau


Workplace, Community & Wellness Transformation Change Management Consultant
Phoenix Wellness

Nicole believes when body-mind-heart connections are aligned with purpose & happiness, we activate super human power to achieve more results with less time & energy as individual and collective community. A human vibrational connector, energy management coach, conscious community co-creator; Nicole combines her previous expertise in workplace transformation change management, with her integrated wellness & NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) coaching for personal & high performance team transformation. She is the co-founder of Phoenix Wellness.

Wong Pei Chi & Taylor W Hickem


350 Singapore

Taylor is an engineer and a typical millennial from the US, who came to Singapore in 2010. He grew a consciousness about climate crisis through talking with PeiChi, educating himself on climate science, taking small steps to living more sustainably. The more he learnt, the more desperate and angry he felt, until Greta Thunberg’s wake up call really hit him.
Pei Chi worked in the finance industry and started her journey in social justice advocacy in 2009 with the No To Rape campaign. She also served on the board of AWARE, Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group, and supports Singapore Climate Rally.
They are both concerned citizen volunteers with ground-up climate advocacy group 350 Singapore, encouraging Singaporeans to take action.

TALK: Why we won’t have children.

Beata Justkowiak


Ex-athlete, Psychologist, Life Coach
Energising Goals

Beata transforms the way we think, work, exercise and live making the change happen. Mental wellness advocate, she takes psychology out of therapy room and proves how practical it is in managing life’s challenges. She specializes in difficult emotions management, stress, depression, anxiety, as well as overcoming feeling stuck and struggling, overwhelmed and lost. People value her holistic body & mind approach and progressive attitude, always full of energy to educate, inspire and guide.
She organizes Fit Chill Out Retreats taking busy bees to Bali, Thailand, Fiji to train body and mind, to disconnect and reconnect with inner needs, to manage emotions and maintain motivation in living healthy lifestyle.




[SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER, 2:20 PM – 5:00 PM]

With 100 companies held responsible for 71% of the world’s total carbon emissions, if we truly are committed to making a difference, it is crucial for us to look deeper at the private sector and how our system is built because we all rely on fossil fuels, whether it’s the way we dress up, what we eat, or how we move. If solutions exist to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, hence enabling us to fight against climate change, why are they not scaling? Why is change not happening faster? Now is the time to put the ego aside and empower businesses and individuals to take action. During this session, we will reimagine capitalism, look at how to navigate through the climate change chaos unfolding around us, and what the solutions currently exist for us to solve it.

Speakers include:

Barney Swan — the first man to walk the South Pole fueled only by renewable energy,

Szue Hann Tan — Managing Director of Miniwiz Singapore, and many more.


Barney Swan


Climate Force

Barney Swan traversed 1000 kilometers over 65 days to the South Pole, surviving using NASA designed solar ice melters, lithium batteries, and biofuel made from waste. The carbon positive journey marked the launch of the ClimateForce challenge, a target driven mission to ‘clean-up’ 360 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025. Barney Swan leads this non profit through corporate and educational engagement around the world, bringing actionable solutions, adventure, and passion into the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Christian Cadeo


Managing Partner
Big Idea Ventures

Christian has an extensive experience bringing US based startups to Asia. With a tech background at Google and Microsoft, no surprise his first startup was AdMob, eventually acquired by Google for US$750MM.
He then joined three alternative protein Unicorns (JUST, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat) and recently Domo, as the first on the ground person for Asia-Pacific.
Christian is currently the Managing Partner, Asia for Big Idea Ventures, a new alternative protein venture capital fund/accelerator based in New York and Singapore.

Tan Szue Hann


Managing Director

Ar. Tan Szue Hann, M. Arch, is Managing Director of MINIWIZ Singapore, an award-winning circular economy RD&D (Research, Design & Development) company, that produces high-quality architecture, interiors and consumer producst from recycled waste. Hann graduated with M Arch from the National University of Singapore (NUS), with a visiting fellowship to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2007, and a BA Arch (First Class Honours) in 2006. He is an appointed World Cities Summit Young Leader (from 2016), and was also Singapore’s 2015-16 Young Green Architect of the Year, awarded by BCA-SGBC, and a Minister’s Award recipient (2017), Singapore.

TALK: Reimagining capitalism – if not that, then what?

Assaad Razzouk


Group CEO
Sindicatum Renewable Energy
& The Angry Clean Energy Guy

Assaad W. Razzouk, host of The Angry Clean Energy Guy podcast, is a Lebanese-British clean energy entrepreneur, investor, commentator, high-profile thought leader and influencer on climate change, clean energy and the UN climate talks.
He is Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy, a clean energy company in Singapore operating across SEA, and CEO of the Reneum Institute, a Singapore not-for-profit digitizing and democratizing renewable energy.
He contributes to Eco-Business, the Huffington Post, the Ecologist, to name a few.

TALK: What the climate movement can take from the aids movement.

George Jacobs


Centre for a Responsible Future

George Jacobs is president of the Centre for a Responsible Future, the organisation that for 20+ years has been a leader in advocating for plant-based eating in Singapore. George is also general manager of HealthPartners SG, a social enterprise that facilitates people’s transition to healthier, greener, kinder lifestyles. With a doctorate in Education, George teaches and writes on topics such as student-centred learning, cooperative learning, and intergenerational reading and writing.


Chief Sustainability Officer
City Developments Limited (CDL)

As a passionate and active advocate for sustainability for over two decades, Esther has established CDL’s leadership in sustainability and ESG best practices. These include publishing the first sustainability report using GRI standards in Singapore in 2008 and issuing the first green bond by a Singaporean company in 2017.
A forerunner in embracing the UN SDGs, Esther was conferred 2018 SDG Pioneer for Green Infrastructure and A Low Carbon Economy by the UN Global Compact.
She founded the Women4Green Network to empower women to drive sustainable practices at home, at work and at play.

Katherine Desbaillets Braha



Katherine graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration/Management. She then moved to Bangkok where she worked with The Body Shop as the brand ambassador, importing overseas brands in Thailand. She subsequently co-founded a French Bistro called Café Tartine in 2007.
In 2011, she joined her father and brother at SaladStop! to oversee all aspects of marketing, product development, and training. Katherine is committed to sharing the company’s motto of “Eating Wide Awake”, bridging the gap between consumers and their relationship with food, and which bring attention to the wider environmental impact that the F&B industry has.





[SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER, 10:50 AM – 1:30 PM]

The planet is warming, glaciers are melting, and sea levels are rising — the future that we are locking ourselves into looks grim. What solutions are we undertaking to change our current trajectory, and how can we scale them faster? In this session, we will rethink the future through the eyes of modern Millennials and ask ourselves how we can spice up the conversation surrounding sustainability. We will examine the role of zero waste in the face of the climate crisis and look to empower younger generations to turn the tide on climate change and redefine their own future — because the power of the youth is unwavering.

Speakers include:

Esther An — Chief Sustainability Officer at City Developments Limited, and many more.


Ho Xiang Tian



Xiang Tian is the Co-founder of LepakInSG, an informal environmental group, with ‘Informal’ referring to his dress code. With climate change making Singapore hotter, it makes no sense to him to wear anything else. He has spent nearly half a decade dabbling in various environmental issues and trying to crack the code on creating systemic change.

Tammy Gan


Writer & Content Lead
Green Is The New Black

Tammy is an environmentalist and social media advocate who believes in thinking bigger and deeper about climate change. Through using social media as a force for good, she hopes that we can all grow to become more environmentally conscious citizens (not consumers) with hearts for this beautiful planet we call home.

Rachel Tan


Social Media Climate Advocate and Geography Undergraduate

Rachel is an environmental activist who runs an Instagram account called @nocarrierpls. She tries her best to create a local community of conscious consumers and talks about topics such as plastic pollution, ethical fashion and her journey to going plant-based. Along with her younger brother, she’s currently building a sustainable fashion platform, @justo.justo_ on Instagram.

Komal Lad


Student and Founding Member
Climate Rally

Komal is a year 2 environmental studies student from NUS. She is passionate about environment sustainability and is deeply concerned about the myriad of issues faced by today’s society. She is currently trying to raise awareness about them by making rap videos. However, the recent stream of headlines on heatwaves, wildfires and the melting of ice due to climate change left her feeling very frustrated about how Singapore is not doing enough in response to the climate crisis. This is what spurred her to initiate a climate rally at Hong Lim Park, to gather more people in the fight for bolder climate action.

Jaclyn Yost



A self-proclaimed “eco-nomad”, Jaclyn is residing in Hong Kong and has lived in various parts of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and has journeyed to 37 countries so far. She is the founder of ecomadic — a trustworthy bookings & reviews platform for sustainable tourism enterprises. The company is set to launch early 2020.
Furthermore, Jaclyn is undergoing a PhD program with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she focuses on greenwashing within the hospitality and tourism sector. She is passionate about spreading awareness on sustainable tourism matters and teaching travellers how to make more responsible, conscious decisions abroad.

Bertrand Seah

Bertrand Seah


Bertrand is a recent graduate of political science, specialising in environmental politics. As a student, he was involved in advocacy for fossil fuel divestment in NUS. Now, he is a member of 350 SG, and is a keen observer of developments in climate politics worldwide.



[SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER, 2:20 PM – 5:00 PM]

Just how dirty is the fashion industry? Are our fast fashion habits really killing the planet? If so, what role does fast fashion have in the future of garment production and design, and will it ever be possible to bridge the gap between fast fashion and sustainability? These are the questions that this track will explore to help us understand how and why we should dress with sense and sustainability.

Speakers include:

Philippe — Co-Founder of Reflaunt,

Alexander Ho Young Chan — The Mills Fabrica,

Bernice Pan — Founder of Deploy, and many more.


Alexander Chan


The Mills Fabrica

Alexander Chan is an expert in early-stage investments, incubation support and government/ policy related affairs.
Prior to joining Fabrica, Alexander worked in consulting and private equity in Greater China, as well as VC, social impact investments and bringing global brands from US/ Europe into China.
Alexander is also an occasional contributor to SCMP, HKFP and Stand News in Hong Kong where he writes on issues related to innovation/ entrepreneurship, social mobility and public policy.

Stefano Passarello


Managing Director

Stefano Passarello is the Managing Director – North Asia for Hawksford, and former Managing Partner of People & Projects (P&P). He started his consultancy business P&P in 2007, then the company grew from Hong Kong to 10 global offices serving 1500 clients before it was acquired by Hawksford. Stefano is the official mentor for many startup programs and is frequently invited to speak about business, entrepreneurship and innovation.  Outside the office, Stefano is an avid runner, multi-sport athlete, well-rounded investor and serial entrepreneur in the charity, nutrition and sport space.



Founder & Builder

Anke Ruaydee is one of the founders and builders of ASALANTA, a sustainability education center, eco-friendly lodging and teahouse in Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand. Born and raised in the Netherlands she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a teenager. One travel changed her life completely, made her move to Thailand and choose a life of simplicity. She is now a full-time mom living in the earthen home that her Thai husband and she have built for themselves.


While forests are burning all around the world, we need to understand that not only do trees provide us with the oxygen we breathe, but they also keep CO2 out of the atmosphere. With that in mind, we’ve decided to plant a whole forest. By joining any of our talks, a big part of your contribution will help us reforest a small slice of the Philippines. So for that, we thank you in advance.

Upon attending any of our TALKS, you will leave informed, empowered, and motivated to amplify your sustainable efforts, make more of an impact, and embrace your most fulfilled, green life. Watch what unfolded last year here:


Not a problem, bring your little Green Warriors in training along with for the ride for free.

Note: This page is ONLY for registration for the TALKS. Note that they are ticketed and come with a modest charge. Entry to the FESTIVAL, however, is open to the public. For more information on all other activities, head here: https://greenisthenewblack.com/festival/


Are you looking to get involved? Perhaps you’re interested in volunteering? Or becoming a vendor? Join the conscious movement and send us an e-mail at [email protected]

P.S. We love young minds, so if you’re a student, e-mail us for free tickets (limited).

#LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously


By the time you leave the TALKS, you will be empowered, motivated and ready to play an even bigger game and embrace you greenest, most fulfilled and most impactful life.

Watch what happened last time in Hong Kong.