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Green Is The New Black

Ethical Clothing Brands That’ll Make You a Green Fashionista

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LATEST UPDATE: August 2019

Looking for specific styles of clothing but don’t know which brands to purchase from? We’re here to help you find sustainable and ethical clothing to look like the best version of you, while saving the planet, too. (So you can skip the mindless browsing of disposable fashion.)


It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a terrifying place to be. In Singapore alone last year, over 141,200 tonnes of textile waste was generated. The advent of planned obsolence and the fast-fashion culture that we’ve created hasn’t helped, either. So what can you do to shop more sustainably? The answer lies in buying less, buying second-hand, swapping, and buying good quality, ethically-made and organically sourced clothing. Here are our favourite ethical clothing brands to get you green-carpet ready.


Timeless, Sustainable Resort Wear

(SGD $79 – $219)

Shop here l Read more here

Inspired by both Bali and Ibiza, Baliza creates handmade, organic resort wear that is comfortable, timeless and elegant. Each and every piece is consciously created for summer, from an array of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton. And not only is everything ethically made, but every piece also supports communities of Gudri women and children living in poverty by paying them a fair wage and supporting their education. Shop for your summer lookbook here.


22 factor green is the new black

22 Factor

Eco-luxe knitwear that lasts

(HKD $200 – $2950)

Shop here


Most of their products use upcycled virgin yarn from the luxury fashion world to give you premium quality at a sheer fraction of the price. Always choosing quality over quantity, and timeless over trendy, they’re all about creating garments that become your loyal favourites. Bonus: their knitted creations are like big hugs: soft and cosy on the skin, ethical and kind to the planet. And they’ve also partnered with social enterprises and other eco-conscious brands, like The R Collective (featured below). Shop their lovely collection here.



Slow Manufactured, Fair Trade, Organic Cotton Eco-textiles for Men and Women

(SGD $38 – $408)

Shop here l Read more here

Looking for wardrobe staples that you can wear pretty much every day for the rest of your life? Something incredibly comfortable yet stylish, made from eco-textiles, organically manufactured and fair trade? Look no further. With their street and active wear designed for both men and women, you AND your significant other can rock these ethical and sustainable outfits with ease as you weather every storm that life throws at you. Shop here. 


source collections green is the new black

SOURCE Collections

Basics, but Better, for Men and Women

(SGD $38 – $59)

Shop here

Featuring only nine items, SOURCE Collections is a brand all about the basics. Basics, but doing it better. Affordably priced and only in select styles, SOURCE Collections never stops looking for better. Even with materials like TENCEL and Organic Cotton, they know that it’s not the most sustainable material, so they’re always trying to source better. We absolutely love their transparency too. Shop from their minimal, no-frills website here. 



Ethically Made Clothing from Cambodian Krama fabric for Men and Women

(SGD $40 – $268)

Shop here

Nope, that’s not a typo. But we bet it made you look twice! Good Krama is a slow fashion label that produces high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces. They blend cultural tradition with innovation by mixing hand woven krama-inspired fabrics with modern designs, using either Cambodian hand woven silk or cotton fabric, or upcycled materials from fabric remnants of local garment factories. Take your sustainability game to the next level and shop here.



Classic, Sustainable Travel Wear for both Women and Men

(SGD $41 – $286)

Shop here l Read more here

We all know that photographs and Instagram captions can tell stories, but what if your clothes could tell a story, too? Matter does exactly that and fosters designer-artisan collaborations, inspiring customers to value provenance and process, while pioneering industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities. Their gorgeous jumpsuits, dresses, and pants, most made from organic silk or cotton, and are just waiting to tell their next story with you. Pick them up here.


basics for basics green is the new black

Basics for Basics

Everyday fashion, made sustainably

(HKD $50 – $1160)
Shop here

Basics with integrity. Basics for Basics is an ethical fashion brand based in Hong Kong. They’re a company that wants to ensure their products are made with care and that people are treated the right way. Focused on creating garments that act as your second skin, all their garments are designed in-house. They use a mix of surplus fabric, organic certified cotton, and make sure their clothing check all the boxes. Durability, comfort, fit, and more. Shop here.


sui green is the new black


Conscious Women’s Clothing that Tell a Story

(SGD $45 – $212)
Shop here l Read more here

Founded in New Delhi, India, Sui was founded to bridge the gap between nature and fashion. Each piece is consciously crafted, keeping our earth and you in mind. Their pieces tell a story, reflecting the inspiration of its maker and its thoughtful journey. Not only do they have a close to minimum impact on the world, Sui also looks after their workers like family. Their timeless classics include a range of pieces for many occasions, but our favourites are their summertime collection and their elegant basics.


indiigo culture green is the new black


Asia’s Diverse Heritage through Clothing for Women

(SGD $89.90 – $189)
Shop here

From minimalist dresses to colourful blouses, from work jumpsuits to funky slacks, Indiigo Culture’s got them all. Indiigo Culture works with Asian communities to celebrate the rich heritage of creativity and mindful design, which remains at the heart of many Asian communities. At their core is slow fashion, thoughtfully and fairly made pieces, and community above all. Through them, you’ll get to support up-and-coming designers from all across Asia, and look unique too, while you’re at it. Shop their curated selection of Asia’s best here.


deploy green is the new black


Smart Clothes for Smart Women and a Smarter Future

(GBP $145 – $698)
Shop here l Read more here

A specialist design house like no other, DEPLOY is a Carbon Smart certified company, with sustainability at the very heart of their ethos. Zero waste and cradle-to-cradle, DEPLOY is all about minimising waste and designing a product that serves you for the longest time possible. Timeless design is of utmost importance, so you will find classic pieces for the office (and sometimes after too) that will never go out of style. Shop the British design house here.


living wear co green is the new black


Meaningful & Quality Life-Wear Built to Last for Men

(SGD $24 – $38)
Shop here

Better quality shouldn’t cost you a lot more. LivingWear is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer Life-Wear brand created to bring exceptional value to you. If you’re looking for menswear, you’ll know that it’s hard to find something ethical, sustainable, and affordable. LivingWear checks all the boxes, and is offering a stunningly simple selection of Modern Everyday Essentials. And they’re incredibly transparent about everything too. Shop their basics here.


cosmos green is the new black

Cosmos Studio 

Eco-minimalist clothing for men

(HKD $62 – $1000)
Shop here

Cosmos Studio’s main mission is to contribute to the Fashion Revolution by focusing on one of the most overlooked parts of production: dyeing and finishing. They’re here to reinvent the wheel. Besides using sustainable fabrics only, their innovative technology requires record-low qualities of water and releases no wastewater in the process. Big fans of slow fashion, Cosmos Studio’s clothing is sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free. Shop from their range of shirts, caps and towels here.


the r collective green is the new black

The R Collective

Upcycled fashion brand that uses waste materials

(HKD $98 – $500)
Shop here

The R Collective is a social impact upcycled fashion brand on a mission to create beautiful garments using waste materials. The R Collective was born from Redress, a Hong Kong based charity working to reduce fashion waste. Their garments are made from rescued textile waste sourced from world-leading luxury fashion brands and reputable mills and manufacturers. With innovative techniques and sustainable designer collections, they are catalysing the circular fashion revolution. You can even shop by upcycled materials on their site, here.



Clothes and Accessories Swapping

Read more here

Shopping sustainably doesn’t have to involve parting with your money- why not give swapping a go? The Fashion Pulpit is a permanent swapping fashion space at Liang Court in Singapore. One location, swap anytime, bring everyone. Not only will you be able to swap from the best selection of pre-loved fashion pieces, but you can now upcycle and learn fashion tricks all at one place too! It’s convenient and flexible; You get to help create a purpose-driven economy around sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism when you have the time to. Find out more about them here. 


Online Clothing Rental Service

(SGD $65 – $155)

Shop here l Read more here

We’ve all got that dress we bought to wear just that one time- and now it’s sitting in the back of our closets, all sad, unworn and alone. What if you could just rent that drop-dead-gorgeous dress and then part with it once you’re done? Wardrobista aims to reduce textile waste by doing exactly that- and it saves you precious real estate in your wardrobe, too. They offer rentals on evening dresses, faux fur coats, evening bags, and kaftans. There is also a “Share Your Dress” program where you can share your barely used items with other people, too! Shop the look (but not the dress!) here.


Now that you’ve got your outfit settled, here’s where you can find some ethical jewellery to match. Happy shopping (or swapping)!

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