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Green Is The New Black

Unique Ethical And Eco-Conscious Gifts For Mothers Day From HK And SG

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Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day with gifts that are fair-trade, eco-friendly, look good and feel even better. From sustainable, handmade resort wear and accessories to a vegan all-natural deodorant, and organic bed sheets. You can rest easy knowing that these gifts are good for people and the planet.



Sustainable, handmade & timeless resort-wear

Shop here SG$79-210 or HK$465-1235 | Find out more here 

Inspired by Bali and Ibiza, Baliza designs timeless resort-wear clothing that is both comfortable and elegant. Defined by easy shapes and sustainable fabrics, each piece is consciously created for summer living. Each Baliza garment is made with sustainable cotton, herbally dyed with ethical and handmade production in Ladli, Jaipur.  They have partnered with Ladli, the vocational centre of the NGO i-India in Jaipur, to conserve traditional fabric creating skills, empowering families of artisans and supporting the education of over 3,000 children.



Culturally centred, ethically handmade homewares and baskets from Africa

Shop here SG$20-150 or HK$120-880| Find out more here

GreenieGenie prides in curating homewares which are nature-friendly, socially empowered and culturally centred. Behind every product, is an artisan, either honing skills passed down through generations or practising new skills learned. Every “Greenie” sold, symbolizes the presence of a “Genie” to these artisans and their families, in helping to improve their livelihood and enable education to their children. They work with maker groups in Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana to bring in their intricately handwoven baskets and hand-carved wooden utensils.



Jewellery that inspires, empowers and enlighten people

Shop here SG$70-$420 or HK$450-2500 | Find out more here 

Symbolic jewellery that inspires and remind people to improve their well-being physically, mentally and spiritually, FLO JEWELLERY collections are dedicated to working with ethical, family-run businesses assuring quality, fair and sustainable production. The Impact Collection dedicates to support good causes with charity jewellery. All the proceeds go to help underprivileged women and children in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia.



Vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, handcrafted natural deodorant

Shop here SG$10-18 or HK$58-108 | Find out more here 

You may be thinking – this is a random one to buy mum, but the random gifts will be the ones she remembers. Every day we are layer ourselves with chemicals and a lot of the time we don’t even realise it. Give your mum the healthier choice for a daily product with these aluminium, chemical, and paraben-free deodorants. Oh, and in case you were wondering its a unisex product that is completely safe for use by children, pre-teens, teenagers and even breastfeeding moms.



Organic and fair trade bed sheets

Shop here SG$28-198 or HK$165-1165| Find out more here 

Want to give your mum the best possible night’s rest both for comfort and conscience? Look no further than SOJAO, high-quality organic luxury linens at affordable prices that is fair to everyone along the supply chain from the farmer to your home. SOJAO is on a mission to close the global inequality gap and wanted to start with our daily ritual of sleep. Their fabric is GOTS certified – which means there are no nasty pesticides, so doesn’t poison the earth or the air – good for you and the planet!



Customisable and eco-friendly shoes

Shop hereFind out more here

Homegrown Singapore brand that wants you to ‘walk your talk’ literally. Stand customises shoes with purposeful personalised inscriptions to represent what you stand for – how beautiful is that? Carve a little love note to your mum this Mothers Day to give her a little positivity in her step each day. Expect beautiful, unique and comfortable shoes 100% handmade in South Korea with choices of heights, colours and a wide range of sizes.



Sustainably grown 100% natural personal care products

Shop here SG$9.50-69 or HK$55-405| Find out more here

From all-purpose ointment and treatments for babies to face, lip, foot and body care for all family members, Sven’s Island’s creates perfectly pure and truly effective products of the highest natural quality. Their bioactive ingredients grow wild on their own 3,000-acre farm located on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand and are sustainably grown to protect the island’s eco-system. 75% of the land of the island is a national park and literally one of the most pollution-free spots on earth and they are honest about everything that goes in their products.



Ethically sourced and handmade home decor, jewellery, and gifts from around Asia

Shop here SG$ or HK$40-1600 | Find out more here 

The Spirit Haüs is an online shop based in Hong Kong that seeks out new and interesting home decor, jewellery and gifts from around Asia. Their items are handmade and sourced ethically, meaning that the artists or groups who create them not only get a fair price for their goods but also get their stories and names provided to the people buying their art. They also bring items that promote wellness and mindfulness, where beautiful and unique items can bring you joy and improve your life quality. As they grow, they are hoping to begin micro-financing projects in the areas that their goods come from to give back more to their crafters.



Handmade accessories and bags that do better 

Shop here SG$5-87 | Find out more here 

Purnama creates rare and unique lifestyle-products that are bold and edgy for the new, urban human being that are locally produced, eco-friendly and socially conscious. Each collection has a beautiful and meaningful story, the Pokhara collection  provides local Nepali women with work and education, the Java Collection aims to empower local Indonesian artists and inspire water conversation, and through the Fight For Education Collection 100% of the profit from the sale of their products goes to educate children in Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal.



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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life.