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Green Is The New Black

Day 3: For The Travel Junkie

For Day 3 of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmas, we’ve got the perfect gifts and tips for the Travel Junkie.

“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”


 For the globetrotters who are always off on their next adventure, we’ve got some of our must have travel essentials, a few of our best conscious travel tips and even a funpark that packs a green punch. We got your back this Christmas break.

1. The travel backbone.

The first thing any traveller needs is a good travel bag. Ethnotekbags have all your needs sorted, from backpacks to totes to travel slings that are socially responsible and don ethically sourced handmade textiles. Why we love them? Each purchase helps to sustain employment and demand for the art of hand printing, weaving and embroidery in partnering artisan villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Keep cultures from all over the globe alive by creating new demand for these traditional handcrafted travel bags.

Third Wave Power 

2. The millennial lifeline.

Is there anything worse than getting too a beautiful vista, pulling our your phone to click and capture, only to find your phone is dead? One must be prepared with their e-essentials for moments like these. If only we could charge our smartphones while we go and be green at the same time. Well now we can with mPowerpad’s range of solar chargers by Third Wave Power. These handy, portable solar chargers and kits will give you power on the go from that great ball of fire in the sky. You’re welcome.

3. Food for your face.

Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean you have to starve your face or take a stack of products with you. Feed it with pure certified organic Argan Oil from Ayelli, yep its as simple as that. Ayelli is a women’s affair and ensure that the women are socially and financially independent. They also have a sustainable heart and encourage sustainable growth and best environmental practices with the farmers. Their sustainable and 100% organic skincare products will ensure you face gets the love and attention it deserves.  

Bobble Water Bottle 

4. Stay hydrated, save money and the planet. 

In the States they use about 50 billion plastic water bottles, which is equivalent to 17 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year (according to the Pacific Institute). How can we reduce the waste of single-serve, disposable beverages? Take your own bottle with you! Check out the Bobble Water Bottle, it gives you clean drinking water as you go from one place to another. The bottle is a reusable, recyclable, and is also BPA-free, PVC-free and free of PH. But that’s not all, you can also get a charcoal filter so you can enjoy fresh, clean, portable water. And you can get it shipped right here to Asia from Amazon.

5. For that time of the month. 

For the ladies, we know what a hassle it is to get your period when you’re travelling. Isn’t it bad enough we get it every month but then on our holidays too? Live Love Luna has the perfect reusable menstrual products so you can go hassle free without worries about tampons or pads. Their menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads and sea sponge tampons are not only convenient and easy to use but also reduces the burden on landfills.


6. Bestie for beach lovers

If your like to take clothes off on your vaycays and have a beach escape, don’t forget to pack a personal eco-friendly beach towel with you. Lagu is the world’s first beach-friendly beach blanket that is proudly made in the Philippines. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand, allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. Its unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use. Grab one from Megafash, available online and in stores in Singapore, locate the store nearest to you here.  

7. For the eco-luxe adventurers.

Thinking about a quick getaway to a beautiful sandy beach and resort? Check out Funtasy Island the largest Eco Park in the world that is located just 16KM away from Singapore. Funtasy Island is spread over 328 hectares of pristine tropical islands and will be home to a limited number of villas carefully designed to sit harmoniously with the unspoiled natural environment. Being a champion for sustainability and preserving the natural habitat, it’s a perfect location for the eco-luxe adventurers.



> Offset your footprint < 

Did you know that you can offset your carbon footprint from all your travelling? Whether your fly or drive, ease the guilt of travel by offsetting your carbon footprint with Climate Care. To date they have cut 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 16.5 million people through their projects of safe water, clean cooking, solar power, sustainable agriculture, clean energy and forestry. 

> Give back and meet the locals < 

To take your conscious travelling to the next level, give back to the local communities by volunteering. It’s a great way to get to know the people and open your consciousness to other cultures and way of living. Try VolunteerMatch.Org to find yourself a volunteer opportunity.

> Bring a reusable water bottle and tote < 

We’ve already covered why its cool to have a reusable bottle (see above), but bring a tote with you too to avoid taking plastic bags where possible. Both of these will help you cut down unnecessary waste during your adventures.

Now that you have everything you need to be a conscious globetrotter, happy travelling!

This is Day 3 of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmas. Check out Day 1: Conscious Christmas Hacks and stay tuned for Day 4: For The Girl Boss. Get the latest conscious tips and tricks from our journey of discovery by signing up here.

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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life. Previously she spent four years working for an international events agency, planning luxury events and fashion weeks around the region. As a third culture kid, she’s fascinated by other people and is always seeking new experiences.

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