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Green Is The New Black

Conscious Sleeping: An Eco-Guide to Picking the Perfect Products to Elevate Your Sleep

Reading Time: 6 minutes
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Sleep. Everybody does it and we spend a third of our lives doing it, so why aren’t we be more conscious about it?


Quality sleep is essential to leading a well-balanced, healthy life. Sleep deficiency can be detrimental to the body in both the short and long term, from having a higher risk of diseases to slower reactions on the highway. Sleep deficiency is especially prominent in Southeast Asia due to the work culture and the general hustle and bustle of large cities. According to a survey by Wakefield Research, Singapore comes second in getting the least amount of sleep, with adults averaging at only 6 hours and 32 minutes of sleep each night. Techniques like meditation and mindfulness are great ways to combat this. Moreover, a study by JAMA Internal Medicine shows that mindful meditation is more beneficial towards battling insomnia than sleep education classes.  

If the average person spends eight hours sleeping every day, that adds up to one-third of a day and translates to a third of our lives. Sure, being conscious during the day is key but shouldn’t we all pay a little more attention to our sleeping environment since we spend so much time on our best buddy, the bed? To further enhance that bedroom experience and ensure that it is indeed where the magic happens, we have compiled a list of conscious products to help with the next time you want to purchase something for the bedroom. We’ll update this guide anytime we hear of something incredible.




Premium organic latex pillows and mattresses

(SGD $198-5188 | HKD $1100-28500)

Shop here l Read more here

Mattresses literally are the base of beds. Heveya® by European Bedding specializes in natural and organic mattresses of different firmness levels, providing optimal comfort for perfect spinal alignment and support for a good night’s sleep.



Blind tested sheets for optimal comfort

(SGD $40-400 | HKD $229-2284)

Shop here l Read more here

Do you hesitate to buy bedding online because you’re unsure of which material fits best? Whether you’re fancy and like crisp hotel sheets, a sea of smooth silk, or a naturally textured feel, Sunday Bedding has got it all. Sunday Bedding’s vast product options result in a reduction of their overall environmental footprint in other areas. You can also find out your sleep habits by taking the sleep quiz by Sunday Bedding.



A luxury sheet brand with 100% GOTS-certified organic linens

(SGD $18-198| HKD $103-1131)

Shop here l Read more here

SOJAO makes sure you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet for luxurious and conscious sheets. They are a direct-to-consumer sheet brand that sells organic linen at affordable prices, while staying fair to you, the environment, and also their workers. Not only do they wish the best night’s sleep to their customers, but also to their entire supply chain right down to the cotton farmers.



Sleep deeper with this eco-friendly weighted blanket

(SGD $301 | HKD $1723)

Shop here

There has been an increasing trend in weighted blankets as people responded with less anxiety and higher sleep quality after using them. However, most brands usually use plastic pellets as filling. Truhugs’ weighted blankets use recycled fiberfill and a 100% biodegradable bamboo lyocell cover, making it the perfect sustainable blanket. Keeping you calm, cozy and conscious.



A wellness & lifestyle brand selling products like the Bed of Nails acupressure pillow to spike your endorphins

(SGD $59 | HKD $338)

Shop here l Read more here

Acupressure mats use blunt needles to stimulate acupressure points and increase blood flow – relieving your muscles and allowing them to relax before bedtime. You can even try meditating on the acupressure mat to better incorporate it to your night routine.




Produces hearing protection for every situation

(SGD $24 | HKD $138)

Shop here

Do you live in a city where the road rage is real, but also feel guilty when you buy a pack of disposable foam earplugs to block out noise? These silicone-free reusable earplugs can block environmental noise and finally give you time for some shut-eye while allowing louder sounds like your alarm clock to pass through.




An ethical company selling luxurious silk sleepwear

(SGD $47-378 | HKD $265-2161)

Shop here

The ethical silk company makes elegant silk pyjamas using fairtrade and ethical practices. Unlike traditional silk, they use Mulberry silk, which is silk that is only extracted after the moth has left the cocoon. Pair these fun prints with a matching sleeping mask while catching Zzzs to feel extra cute.



A comfy clothing brand using fabrics made from bamboo and flax linen

(SGD $125 | HKD $716)

Shop here l Read more here

Hardly do you ever see ‘fluffy’ and ‘bamboo’ in the same sentence…until today! Bundle up in this fluffy bamboo bathrobe before bed, it’s perfect for after the shower while cozying up with your favorite book and a hot cup of tea.



Sustainable loungewear you’re not afraid to answer the door in

(SGD $62-154 | HKD $351-875)

Shop here

Hernest project makes stylish loungewear out of Tencel™ Lyocell, which makes their clothes more absorbent than cotton and softer than silk. They are gentle on the skin, making you cool and dry especially in the humid summer months.




Handcrafted candles made from a natural soy wax that lasts up to 50% longer than typical candles

(SGD $18 | HKD $104)

Shop here l Read more here

Hush Candles are minimal and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils that will slowly lull you to a calming sleep. Their classic line includes scents like lemongrass, rose and lavender, making your room smell like flowers and perhaps enticing you to a sweet dream in the gardens.



Bamboo essential oil diffuser with colorful nightlights

(SGD $35 | HKD $196)

Shop here

This sleek essential oil diffuser is made of bamboo wood, making it more sustainable than the usual essential oil diffusers more commonly found. Turn on the night light function alongside the diffuser to fully immerse yourself in a relaxing ambience before you hit the hay.  



Cannabinoid botanicals to combat lack of sleep and pains

(SGD $226 | HKD $1300)

Shop here l Read more here

Opt for Heavens Please’s elixirs for an alternative to the addictive sleeping pill. Products like their Insomnia Elixir and PM Formula are infused with hemp extract, helping you combat lack of sleep and restlessness.



A Balinese brand specializing in 100% natural beauty and lifestyle products

(SGD $6.5-99 | HKD $38-567)

Shop here l Read more here

The wafting smell of Utama Spices’s essential oils will finally give you the restful sleep you deserve. Their lavender oil helps relieve muscle spasms, stimulate circulation, relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, agitation and moderate post-operative pain.



Ethical essential oils with no middlemen or MLM schemes

(SGD $16-198 | HKD $92-1131)

Shop here l Read more here

You’ll sleep easy knowing that My Pure Earth sustainably sources their ingredients from farmers around the globe, and treat their employees with care and respect. Their oils are chemical and pesticide free, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.




A leading global holistic health and wellness organization founded in Singapore

(SGD $33-398 | HKD $450-1600)

Shop here l Read more here

The Golden Space is an international organization that aims to bring holistic wellness to everyone. Their healing courses are a good outlet to help transform your life through self-discovery and personal growth programs if sleep is a long term problem.



(SGD $33-398 | HKD $450-1600)

Shop here

Headspace not only offers meditation guides for all experience levels but also has sleepcasts. Sleepcasts are unique audio experiences that create the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom. They have an array of sounds for all types of people, from nature lovers to city girls.



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