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Green Is The New Black

Conscious Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Reading Time: 7 minutes
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Calling all the wise men! Here is a shortlist of socially responsible and environmentally conscious gifts for the men in your life to get you started with your Christmas shopping.

Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list may not always be merry and bright – especially when it comes to gifts for the men in your life. Don’t get your tinsels in a tangle just yet, we’ve got the perfect conscious gift guide for him. 


Man wearing a shirt and braces

The shirt is the basis of most men’s wardrobes so you’re probably like, oh goodie let’s get him another shirt for Christmas to add to his pile. But does he have an environmentally friendly shirt?! Ha, bet you didn’t see that one coming, or you probably did cause we are Green Is The New Black after all. Comfee has the best range of sustainably produced shirts. They use eco-friendly bamboo fabric only, which uses much less water and pesticides in its production as compared to cotton, not to mention it’s super comfee (see what we did there?!). Comfee shirts are made in a family-run clothing factory in Singapore and they only work with partners who adopt ethical labour practice and good working conditions. Shop now.



Biconi shampoo bar

Made from 100% natural ingredients and with the purest ingredients found in nature, Biconi’s Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo Bar can help to revive weakened hair follicles and reverse the damage caused by severe hair fall. It creates a healthy inner balance conducive for hair regrowth, all without the use of harsh chemicals. Pair it with Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner is a deep conditioning treatment formulated with noni enzyme, virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturise and replenish your hair’s natural oils for soft, manageable locks. All Biconi’s products are free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, alcohol, and other harmful chemicals. Guaranteed vegetarian and vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and Mother Nature-approved. Shop here.


Tokyo bags

We all love a guy who can pull off a fine bag. Tokyo Bags is an independent crafting studio creating minimalist high-quality men’s’ bags. They are one of the first 100% vegan and sustainably-minded men’s bags store in Asia. Without using any animal products, their bags are made only from eco-friendly materials from the crafting of their bags down to the stitching and packaging. Their vegan leather is coated with water-resistant coatings which creates a material that is just as durable as animal leather. They use only 100% recycled paper packaging with soy-based ink printings to ensure they minimize their environmental footprint. Not to mention, they look so good on any man. Shop here.


Frank skincare

Who says men don’t care about beauty? Ever watch Beauty & the Beast? Exactly! FrankSkincare’s 100% organic luxury skincare has an awesome men’s line, that cares for both its consumers and the planet. The small-batch fresh skincare line is non-GMO, no animal testing, ingredients are organic certified. This Christmas season, they have an amazing super-man organic travel set for all in one men’s skincare set. Shop here.



man wearing swimming shorts

Going on a beach holiday with your man? Why not get him some new totally eco-friendly swimmers? Made from recycled plastic and fiber, Wathaa’s ethical and transparent swimwear has got you covered in the men’s department. Their stitching factory is in South China proving that “made in China” can also be ethical. They choose a factory that has only 300 workers in total and their set-up has been certified BSCI social compliance organization with working hours within European standards. Employees are provided with housing to enhance proper working and living condition. Shop here.


veja trainers

Everyone needs a solid pair of sneakers, and Veja has your back with their stylish and sustainable shoes. Their supply chain respects both humans and the environment. They work directly with small Brazilian producers, who are organized into cooperatives of organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon. While they have some leather shoes, they are working towards being even more sustainable and have a full line of vegan options. We love a brand who is transparent and openly working towards being better – double tick. Shop here.


Nudie jeans hanging on a hook

Get the naked truth about denim with Nudie Jeans. Their jeans are made of 100% organic cotton denim, is socially responsible and champions transparent production. And they take it one step further by offering free repairs, reselling of second-hand jeans and recycling old products… wow talk about going the extra green mile. Invest in a good pair of jeans that will journey with you on your travels. Shop here 


leather bag from kmana

Kmana are a passionate, ethical, family-run design company producing leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted in Bali. Their designs are made for the wanderers, the makers and shakers, and all those who believe as they do, that they are constantly creating the world we live in. It all comes down to the decisions we make. They are part of the slow fashion and fashion revolution movements and believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. All in all, they encourage their consumers to buy less and to buy better — a great initiative for everyone for Christmas. Shop here.



desi hangover shoes

Looking for a stylish pair of shoes to gift the man in the family? Desi hangover brings you a perfectly handcrafted pair of leather footwear; designed for style and engineered for comfort. Made from ethically sourced upcycled leather while bringing life to a village of traditional artisan cobblers who had lost their livelihood to the mass production revolution. Every DesiHangover shoe creates new opportunities, new hope and helps a community stitch their life back together. Plus they are downright beautiful shoes. Shop here.


a rack of jumpers

JOSÉ sweaters are woven by craftsmen who are paid to the height of their talent. The fibres they choose are of high quality, 100% natural and from South America. Their goal is to help their workshops grow whilst producing high-quality sweaters for a fair price, and also to preserve craftsmanship in Bolivia while being respectful to the environment. They’re also working on becoming more environmentally-friendly, starting with removing plastic packaging and replacing it with simple craft paper instead. Dashing and dapper, JOSÉ sweater are a sure bet for any boy in the family. Shop here.


Arthur Zaaro

figs on toast

Arthur Zaaro make BEAUTIFUL serving boards from sustainably harvested wood that you’ll find in several Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore. They’re are also lean, green and locally crafted. From planting to final sanding, their production cycle requires little transportation, and they employ local talent for their fine carpentry work. They also craft tables and other pieces of furniture from exotic woods that leads to no loss of habitat. Shop here.


Sunday Bedding

a bedroom

They might not know it, or ever shop for it themselves, which is why bedding is the perfect gift for a man for Christmas. At Sunday Bedding, they believe that sleep is a personal experience, and they strive to help you wake up to a better morning by listening to your sleeping habits and recommending the set of sheets best suited for your needs. They also believe that offering textiles diversity is not only due to market demand, but also the sustainable way forward — by offering different textile options for their customers they hope to minimize their environmental footprint on the world. Great sheets. Reasonable prices. Less jargon. Better pairings. A little bit of Sunday every day. Shop here.


Indosole flip flops

On a quest to save 1 million tyres from landfills, Indosole gives types a new life as the soles of their everyday footwear. As such, Indosole are known for making shoes in a socially and environmentally responsible way. They are a sustainable, conscious brand with soul and authenticity who provides solutions to address circular economy footwear production at the same time as mass-scale landfill reduction. With a summer-style collection that ranges from flip flops to slides, they’re Indos can take you from home to office to beach all year in Asia. Shop here.



Man riding a bike and man standing against a wall

We are HUGE fans of Matter over here at GITNB. They make pants to see the world in by reinterpreting textile heritage into prints that tell stories of where and why they are made. They are a socially motivated business focusing on affordable luxury, thoughtful design and creates travel wear with stories to tell. They foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire customers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities. Shop here.


Man in Living Wear pants

LivingWear brings you meaningful & quality life-wear that are built to last. That means underwear and undershirts — for men. From trunks to briefs, their products are made from sustainably grown Austrian eucalyptus wood and Tencel™ Lyocell, which is one of the few natural Nanofibers grown with less water and energy. It’s also three times softer than cotton and naturally thermo-regulating. Shop here.

Monsieur Arsène

Monsieur Arsène toilettries

Monsieur Arsène’s makes bio-vegan skincare and perfumes for men that are unique, powerful and totally innovative. The fragrances are made from 90% organic ingredients, which is rare for the perfume industry. The brand is also founded upon the basis of an eco-responsible and ethical business model. Shop Monsieur Arsène.

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Olivia is a bon vivant with an insatiable appetite for...everything. Upon being horrified at the amount of rubbish she produced in a single day, her journey towards finding a better balance between being extravagant yet sustainable began. Like most obsessions, down the rabbit hole she went and it wasn’t long before she decided to shift her sustainable preachings from Friday nights after too much wine to every day at Green Is The New Black. Olivia is still trying to figure all this ‘the end of the world’ stuff out, so she is keepin’ it real, one super small #LittleGreenStep at a time. Be like Olivia.