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We popped over to Charmaine Seah Ong's place (also known as @eleventhour) to see how she

As conscious shoppers, we’re lucky to have an ever-growing number of physical and online marketplaces

Why do people choose science when it’s convenient for them? How can we (as a

The alternative protein scene in Asia is booming and to prove it, award-winning Impossible Foods

Within 30 years, there could be clear blue water over the North Pole – not

High season in Asia means low temperatures, lots of sun and an abundance of festivals

A self-proclaimed "Eco-Nomad", Jaclyn Yost has lived in various parts of the United States, the

Surrounded by animals since childhood, Cecilia is passionate about influencing the world through kindness and

Hi, I’m Harsha! I document people’s stories through photos and videos, and share how they’re changing the world, because I believe that amazing people deserve visibility.

Running a social media advocacy account @lilearthgirl, Tammy believes in harnessing social media for good. She is passionate about saving the planet we call home, and does so through organising events to bring people together to raise awareness about the

Bali is famous for its abundant culture, unique sunsets, hidden waterfalls, endless tropical lush green and pristine beaches- when they’re not “trashed”. But a couple of months ago, Bali declared a “Garbage emergency”: The Island of Gods is facing a huge