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Eco-friendly, vegan cosmetics that last for life

Luxury jewellery with a conscience

Conscious handmade jewellery with a focus on inner wellbeing.

SelfWear; a collection of women's clothing that fills the gap between sleepwear and loungewear

Being frontrunners in circular denim

Embracing a modern version of Indonesian batik printing and championing slow fashion and sustainability.

An online shopping destination for preloved luxury and sustainable fashion

Everyday fashion essentials for the well-travelled souls

A personal lifestyle app for sustainable living in Singapore

Oceanworks is the global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products

Bhuman is the world's first skincare designed for climate change.

A skincare brand dedicated to creating luxury skincare products made 100% naturally

DesiHangover make conscious fashion for your feet

KNOWN FOR  Quality sneakers with an aim to do good for the environment and people.

Sustainable ready-to-wear, designed to last. For him & her

Because bamboo is not just for pandas, it’s for people too!

The world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirits

Unleash your inner climate hero through an app that helps you track, reduce & remove