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Island luxury with sustainability at its core

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) powered by blockchain technology.

Holistic wellness centre focusing on natural healthcare, yoga, and food

Ethical beachwear featuring hand-drawn patterns and designs

Turning bread into beer

Bean-to-bar chocolate ethically sourced and created in Asia

Ethical fun fashion for kids

Ethically made garments created together with refugee workers in Athens

Fresh, handmade cosmetics

Sustainable luxury fashion

Beautifully handcrafted miniature origami accessories

Sustainable fine jewellery

A botanical toothpaste that's 100% natural, fresh, and safe alternative to regular toothpaste

Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park.

Delicate, organic fruits and vegetables, delivered to you the same day they reach Singapore

Plastic-free, airtight, reusable silicone storage bags

Eco-conscious and fairtrade homewares, gifts, and jewellery

Ethically-minded jewelry