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Everyday you vote with your dollars, are you making them count? Vote for the world that you want to see. Check out these awesome brands who do good for people and the planet. You’re welcome.

Products that are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and plant life

100% organic Kampot Pepper

Unique jewellery, accessories, and homeware items

Best ethical Latin American swim and resort brands and handcrafted accessories

Handcrafted, fresh ingredients, real pizza

100% pure essential oils sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe

Swedish-based vegan oat milk brand

Green Hotel with Singapore's first Zero Energy Skygardens and eco-friendly features

Singapore's First Carbon Neutral Electricity Retailer

Customisable and eco-friendly shoes

Organic and Fair Trade Bed Sheets

Handcrafted Natural Deodorant and Armpit Detox Pack which is nothing synthetic YET totally effective

Delivering sustainably sourced fresh fruits

Fashion rental platform to reduce textile waste

Ethically sourced and handmade home decor, jewelry, and gifts from around Asia

Raw Vegan Ballz full of Superfoods

Safe & Environmentally Friendly Paints for Home Interiors

Recycled Aluminium Jewelry