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Singapore's first open space for swapping, upcycling, tailoring and learning fashion tricks

  KNOWN FOR Trendy, convenient and sustainable shopping bags with a cheeky character.   ABOUT

Creating experiences that last, through bath & body and aromatherapy collections that go beyond a

Making shoes out of tyres in a socially and environmentally responsible way

Sustainable and ethical sports bras for women to keep fit, feel sexy and be eco-friendly

Great sheets. Reasonable prices. Less jargon. Better pairings. A little bit of Sunday every day

Sustainable brand inspired by people and the design genius within nature and culture

Premium lifestyle brand featuring clean and natural products, promoting holistic wellness in the Hong Kong

A value-based lifestyle providing wellness services and products to conscious consumers in Hong-Kong

Digital technology for the 3Rs

A Zero Waste Solution to fight the disposable cups, boxes and other single use plastics

Pure cashmere scarves, ethically made, inspired by tradition, contemporary pieces created for the modern man

Handcrafted, plastic-free cosmetics from nature

Handcrafted textiles and adorned garments

Bespoke & conscious skincare

Hong-Kong's First Zero Waste Plastic Free Music & Arts Festival

Eco friendly packaging and catering disposables which are environmentally safe and always completely compostable

Community rental marketplace where businesses and consumers can list and rent anything, anywhere according to