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Hong-Kong's First Zero Waste Plastic Free Music & Arts Festival

Eco friendly packaging and catering disposables which are environmentally safe and always completely compostable

Community rental marketplace where businesses and consumers can list and rent anything, anywhere according to

Being South East Asia’s top luxury vegetarian eco-friendly retreat centre located in Ubud, Bali

Connecting the threads of travel to those of clean design

The socially-responsible swimwear brand. Sustainable, ethically-made, 100% recycled fabric

Probiotic+ Powders and Bio-Fermented Tonics for the whole family to help restore and maintain the

Boutique jewellery that encapsulates the feminine, effortless-chic and Bohemian luxe style of island living

Singapore’s first zero-waste grocery store

Home wares and lifestyle products made of locally harvested bamboo

Promoting urban farming and sustainable living in Hong Kong through urban farm set ups and

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to straws: Paper, Metal and Bamboo straws for sale for both customers

An online platform for buying and selling secondhand luxury kids fashion

Highly nutritious plant-based superfoods that have sustainably sourced from around the world, and packaged in

Clean the World Asia is bringing new sustainable and socially responsible practices and products to

Fairly Made makes environmentally friendly, ethical and socially responsible garments, bed linen, home textile and

Sustainable and Mobile sound system for events

Affordable, natural and toxin-free, healthy candles for indoor use