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First luxury gifting marketplace in SE Asia offering sustainable and socially conscious corporate gifts

Gourmet, wholesome and healthy food, made in Singapore

Sustainable alternatives to plastic straws for cafes and bars

100% natural, wildcrafted & organic skincare. Free from synthetic & toxic ingredients. Free from palm

Wild-harvested non-gmo Activated Pili-nuts grown on volcanic soil and medicinal stingless bee honey

Traditional, 100% natural, chemical free and biodegradable body care products

Stationery and lifestyle needs playfully designed with light & love

Premium organic latex mattresses, customizable sleeping systems made of natural and sustainable materials

Singapore's first dynamic electricity comparison platform

Organic products, french savoir-faire. Sparkle brings together a carefully selected panel of premium organic champagnes,

Products that are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and plant life

The widest range of German organic honey & high-quality artisan honey compositions in Hong Kong

100% organic Kampot Pepper

Unique jewellery, accessories, and homeware items

Best ethical Latin American swim and resort brands and handcrafted accessories

Handcrafted, fresh ingredients, real pizza

100% pure essential oils sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe

Swedish-based vegan oat milk brand