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Hailed as a cure for everything from anxiety to asthma, CBD is truly having its moment. Back in 2019, we discussed the how, what and where of CBD products in Asia and have witnessed the industry soar to even loftier

How dirty is the fashion industry really? Why is it not sustainable yet and can it ever be? And why does crisis keep us awake? Big questions that we are deep diving into with Christina Dean, a sustainable fashion advocate who

Just so we're clear, this is not another generational halfie's (that's half-Millennial, half-Gen Z) long-form complaint about social media. Instead, this is a—former/semi-retired?—social media activist whose six-month-long break off Instagram produced some actually useful insights. In other words, if you

A wave of climate-conscious initiatives has been sweeping the music events space. DJs, pop stars and rock stars alike are driving the mission to make music planet-friendly. With their unique ability to bring people together both physically and emotionally, they

Kudos to everyone who is making personal lifestyle changes for a more sustainable world. But is there more we can do in the workplace? Because when it comes to sustainability efforts, it all adds up – and collectively, we can

The talk of the town is the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. It's brought to you by the filmmaker behind Cowspiracy (hence the name), so you know it's going to be controversial. We watched it, and have seen the many takes—hot

An outraged mom attempted to shock the internet earlier this week by revealing how much sugar is in a single Cadbury's Creme Egg. Twitter's hilarious responses were not quite what she was expecting. While you might not be surprised that

Work occupies much of our waking lives. Since we are most likely going to be at the grind until we officially call it a day, why not do something that we already love and embrace this enjoyment for the rest

March 21st is the International Day of Forests. We know that forests are crucial—they're home to over 80% of land animals and plants, and cover 31% of the world's total land area. About 1.6 billion people around the world depend