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We recently caught up with MP and Founder of ACRES, Louis Ng, to chat about environmental protection, animal welfare, climate policy, the importance of individual action, and the future of Singapore. Since 2015, Louis Ng has worked tirelessly advocating for animal

This week: you probably heard about the Arctic Circle's record high temps. What probably missed your radar is the fact that this week it was also World Refugee Day. (And yes, the climate crisis contributes to the number of world

The Talks are always a highlight of our Conscious Festival's, and this year was no exception. A record 90 speakers shared their wisdom during a marathon 21 hours of live stream content. Three days. 37 talks. 90 inspiring individuals. And more

We were honoured to be joined by Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, and Health,  for a keynote address to kick off the Virtual Conscious Festival. In case you missed it, the inspiring

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, yet many of us still don’t prioritise our sleep health. Most of us are no stranger to shrugging off fitful sleep or seeing 3am wide-awake-ness as ‘just one of

And that’s a wrap; 90 speakers, 21 hours of live-stream juicy content, 20 workshops, 63 conscious brands, over one thousand attendees, and hundreds of #LittleGreenSteps. Here are the highlights from our first-ever Virtual Conscious Festival. In case you've been living under

This week: the Trans Mountain Pipeline spills up to 50,000 gallons of oil on Indigenous land. A survey on climate change perceptions has some surprising results. And climate worst-case scenarios might not go far enough? Read on for this week's

Ethiopia has set out to plant 5 billion tree seedlings this year. The planting is part of the country’s larger reforestation initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Launched in 2019, the Green Legacy initiative aims to combat environmental degradation, build

Plastic has infiltrated our lives (old news). The majority of it is in packaging but there are many daily items that we take for granted, too. For instance, bags, cutlery, straws, phone chargers and decor all contain plastic to some degree. But