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In advance of the TEDxTinHau Countdown event in Hong Kong on 17 October, we chatted with the line-up of inspirational speakers to identify the climate solutions they believe will help shape the future of our planet. When it comes to the

The Ecological Threat Register for 2020 just dropped. And one of its key takeaways is that by 2050 1.2 billion people could become climate migrants. Many of these people will be from countries in the Global South that are already

Two new reports and a documentary sound the alarm on biodiversity loss this week. But are you paying attention? Do you know why it matters? And what the hell can we do now? Is there even hope?   UN: the world is

There's a new app in town and it's incentivising people in Singapore to adopt more sustainable habits. If you've got the best of intentions but are struggling to take the first steps towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle, download susGain

We're always on the hunt for ethical jewellery brands that champion conscious production and thoughtful design. Here're our favourite brands creating sustainable sparkly things. Jewellery can be a dirty business; a single gold wedding band produces up to 20 tonnes of

Say hello to award-winning wildlife filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Dereck Joubert. Alongside his wife, Beverly, he’s been researching and exploring Africa for over 30 years. We caught up with him to chat conservation and the future of travel. Not only

We caught up with the brilliant Bill Bensley, eco-architect and luxury hotel designer, to chat environmentally-friendly design and regenerative travel. If you’ve stayed at an eco-luxe hotel recently, chances are it was designed by renowned architect Bill Bensley. The California-born, Bangkok-based

What does Disney's—already problematic—live-action remake of "Mulan" have to do with an ongoing genocide, forced labour camps and unethical fashion? The link is a Turkic-Muslim ethnic minority in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan, renamed Xinjiang, whose name you might have heard before:

Right on the heels of arguably the West Coast's most intense heat wave in modern history comes the most ferocious flare-up of catastrophic wildfires in recent memory. Meanwhile, just a few hundred miles east, a 60-degree temperature drop over just 18 hours in Wyoming