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Author: Keith Wo

About The Author

Keith is a locally-based environmentalist, currently studying in Yale-NUS and is the Chief Sustainability and Design Officer of MBF. He is passionate about sustainability issues and, as the content creator of Bizsu, he educates the public about them.

This week's Conscious Scoop has some weird and unusual elements like CBD and microalgae. Have you ever wondered how much single-use plastics end up in your body? Read more to find out about that and more on this week's Scoop.   1.

This week's conscious scoop is about the EU and the Philippines standing against climate change. Also, Malaysia, WWF Singapore and Waitrose fight against plastic pollution. Read more for the latest news.   1. The Green Party received record support for the EU Elections.  The

World Environment Day Since 1974, World Environment Day is the United Nation's principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. You may remember celebrities playing 'tag' online last year for #BeatPlasticPollution. And for 2019, the focus is on air pollution

Burnout. Stress. Insomnia. Words that unfortunately we hear all too often. With studies showing more than 20% of employees worldwide feel burnt out, how can we look after ourselves better? How can we wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated? We brought

In this week's Conscious Scoop, there is great news in the vegan world. From food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Also, two major cities making great strides in sustainability commitments.   1. Justin Bieber launches his own vegan, natural deodorant. Bieber just partnered with Schmidt's

This week's Conscious Scoop is all about seeing the connections. From earthworms and climate change, air pollution and health, to clean tap water and plastic water bottles. Oh, and Impossible Foods was just backed with US$300 million.   1. Celebrities like Serena Williams