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Author: Kanksha Chawla

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Hosted by the Singapore Sustainability Academy, Sustainable Fashion 2.0: The Great Reveal featured a thrilling and enlightening discussion, led by the much-awaited unveiling of Fashion Pulpit's Inside Our Wardrobe survey. Green Is The New Black covered the talkshow to learn

Two years after the #DefundThePolice uprisings, Atlanta's forests are under threat. 400 acres (that's equivalent to 400 football fields) of the city's forest is being cleared to build a massive police training center. Here's how you can help the communities

In 2019, Finland's then left-leaning government pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035. And in a historic vote last week, the country's parliament voted to commit to carbon negativity by 2040. Let's dive into the world's most ambitious

A recent Guardian investigation finds that major oil and gas companies are quietly planning 195 projects ("carbon bombs") that could trigger catastrophic climate breakdown.  A study, led by Kjell Kühne (Geography), published in the journal Energy Policy, found that just a

5 June is World Environment Day, as designated by the United Nations, and this year is its 50th anniversary. 50 years: that's how long the world has been celebrating the environment and advocating for its preservation. Have we made any

Last week, we found out that Gucci-parent luxury giant Kering is investing in VitroLabs, a biotech startup creating low-impact lab-grown leather alternatives. What does this mean for the future of sustainable leather?   So VitroLabs recently raised $46 million to build and

"For the longest time, people thought about cultured meat as science fiction, as something that might only materialise in 50 years. But the fact is, you can go eat it right now." - Josh Tetrick, CEO of Eat Just and

Seven months following California's SBC2 Garment Worker Protection Bill win and four months after New York's Fashion Act was presented, the FABRIC Act shines through—labour justice in the fashion industry is gaining momentum, one policy change at a time.  Last week,

The past few weeks' mainstream headlines have been wildly underreporting news about the heatwave hitting India and Pakistan. Temperature records have been set. But not even otherworldly temperatures and burnt bodies can get people to finally pay attention. A brutal, record-intensity